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Self-Advocacy in Teaching Special Education Students (Thesis Proposal Sample)


My research topic will be centered around recognizing the correlation between a child’s
behavior, mental health, and academic progress to create a more student focused/ student
friendly individualized learning plan that is geared toward teaching self advocacy,
coping skills, and forming better education related habits. The goal of this study is to
ensure not only the parent understands these accommodations and truly partners with the
education system but that most importantly the student understands the accommodations
and goals. In addition, the type of goals should be adjusted to be S.M.A.R.T goals. This
study will help determine if a revamp is needed in IEPs and 504 accommodations to shift
the focus on the student and less on the educator.
Here are my research questions.
How can IEPs and 504 accommodations and goals be revamped to ensure student and
parent clarity while having more specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely goals
to show student progress? What other resources or programs can a school district or third
party offer to ensure students learn how to self-advocate, develop coping skills, and form better education related habits?
Attached is a rubric for the research proposal.


Self-Advocacy in Teaching Special Education Students

Section 1: Introduction and Background
Self-advocacy is the ability of learners to communicate and emphasize their needs effectively. Self-advocacy is an ultimate tool to achieve academic success in their lives. Teaching self-advocacy to special education learners is very important since it gradually helps them become autonomous and fit in the competitive world. Many research have shown that a learner’s behaviors and mental health greatly determine their academic performance. Special education learners have a problem with their mental health, which affects their behaviors, leading to poor academic performance (Pfeifer, M. Et al, 2020). Given this knowledge, teachers need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to teach these special education learners to develop self-advocacy capabilities. This is to find ways special education learners can develop coping skills that would enable them to form better education-related habits.
Problem statement
Special education learners encounter difficulties in their studies because they tend to have mental problems that affect their behaviors, which interfere with their academic performance. Thus, special needs learners find it difficult to compete in the job market because of their poor academic performance. To make these learners compete effectively, they must perform well academically. It implies that educators need to use special teaching approaches that would help boost their self-advocacy skills and academic performances.

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