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Final Project: Leadership and Strategy Plan Language Thesis Proposal (Thesis Proposal Sample)




Assignment: Final Project: Leadership and Strategy Plan
The main strength of public health administration is investing in quality health-care through proper funding and outstanding health practitioners with well-equipped health facilities. According to Suarez, Lesneski & Denison (2011), public health concerns and services mainly on funding. Therefore, it is not only adequate to acquire funding but in managing and allocating spending. Therefore, proper management of finance comes in making sure that the provision of health services is met at the community level and also improving the outcomes of health as a reference by (Suarez, Lesneski & Denison, 2011).
The main strength or tools that relate to this area of SWOT analysis involve improving physical activity in utilizing financial indicators and ratios. The second strength involves having skilled professionals that are well versed with financial budgeting and promoting financial stability within the public facilities within the community thus fostering financial stability (Laureate Education, 2014). This calls for a tough measure that in any institution financial measure needs proper handling in achieving the best outcome.
Weaknesses in the health care sector involve several factors with specific reference to lack of enough resources like adequate funding, reduced quality of healthcare, and shortage of staff. As cited by Hofmann (2012), in line with public health competing appeals for limited resources which in most cases causes’ competition within employees that needs to take charge of health services and programs. Even though a good leader may seem to be confident that due to his leadership capability of effective communication and conflict solving mechanisms they may be capable of solving conflicts within their various organizations (Ramsbotham, Miall, & Woodhouse, 2011).

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