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Network Design (Thesis Proposal Sample)


designIt is a graphics company that has just bought space. i was required to enable them design a proper network system, good network architecture and different considerations abs recommendations regarding hardware, costs, security and software requirements.


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After having bought a piece of land measuring 56 by 36, Design IT has decided to expand its by operations by setting up different new features like the cubicles, main office, reception desk and a conference room within this space of land bought. This has also made it plan to bring in three new servers labelled as the webserver, file server and server to perform various activities like in controlling traffic such as Microsoft properties and the small business itself.There are different designs that are supposed to take place here such as setting up wireless network, installation of antivirus software, setting of six new computers and enabling high-speed internet service which will ensure that operations run faster. They also plan to set a strong firewall and three color laser printers which will enable them to carry out printing activity. In setting up these new network features in the office, it is important to note make several considerations that leads to good recommendations in each process of the operations. These recommendations will ensure that a proper network is built to serve the whole place and that each devices and clients are protected against malwares and attacks. This paper is going to look at different recommendations and consultation proposals.
Network Design
The organization should consider designing its network in a way that will not bring any congestion and where the users and clients are all protected against malfunctions/ threats and different attacks from outsiders. The organization should look into the topological nature of the space to create a secure network that will be essential in maintaining security in the system. They should also ensure there is logical design of the network. Logical security means there are very safe routers in the network as well as switches which will interconnect different segments and different hosts from the network. The network design should be mainly the LAN which will connect the computers to the internet through the broadband with assistance of other connections which are at high speed. This kind of design will ensure that there is no traffic in the system as well as enhanced security to the system. The design should also be able internet which may be launched by the web, DNS and the mail servers. It should also ensure security of the certain resources of the office which may be very sensitive and important to operations of the organization like different records of finance, the databases of their customers and the norms of their trading operations. The network should be able to have different systems where users log in to different services and the system should also get to know of any intruder in the network. The design should have intranet, internet and other users such as those using telephone lines.
Network Architecture
Network architecture is the way different applications and features of a network are built for a good representation of different activities or follow different authenticated rules like entry of data. It may also involve system which may enable users to interact well with other users of the same network. There should be setting of a design LAN which is based on the soohosts/TCP/IP. The architects should ensure to build enough security to the routers and the switches in the system. They should consider dividing the network into different subnets which may work in each cubicle and the order to make the performance of the system to go higher, each of these divided segment is supposed to work with a single broadcast domains. These may also ensure that attacks done through sniffing are prevented. They should consider developing a main router which is set at the center of the network to bring interconnectedness of different activities like production network as well as management’s network. There should be a very strong authentication which is brought by passwords set on a server only once. They may include RSA security Ace server. The communication protocols should be well encrypted incase a certain type of communication is made.
LAN and WLAN Consideration
Wireless LANS (WLAN) is whereby the connectivity of the computers to one another and the servers does not require cables. In fact, there are wireless adapters also known as the receivers which are installed in the computers of the organization and will be the main components of the network. These receivers are either connected as internal network cards or connected as a material which are inserted in the computers USB ports. Wireless networks hubs are usually joined I one server. WLAN is advantageous as it is installed in the computers and get very fast configurations. It does not require setting or building of anything in nature. These wireless networks ensures there is flexibility in the operations since computers can be moved freely within the surrounding and still connects to the network. Other devices like phones and laptops can also get interconnected. The only disadvantage is that there may be no connection when the devices are not within the radius of the network. The LANS creates network by interconnecting different computers within the organization by use of cables. Two computers may be connected together to share the same network. This can be disadvantageous since any two users can share and communicate within the network but any user is not protected against pragmatism practices such as the attacks. To ensure security, these the management should reduce the number of MAC addresses. One VLAN should be configured in every one switch to reduce the chance of any attacker popping up in these VLANS. This will also minimize different cases of misconfiguration within the network system. The user should be required to authenticate their works through RADIUS or LDAP in order for them to be allowed to access any particular resource of the organization. There may also be setting up private VLANS through defining or citing a primary VLAN and one or more other secondary connections within the system. Each and every host should be placed in their specific routed VLAN.
Hardware and Cost
The different types of hardware that the company should have include network server for storing and controlling different data. It is generally expensive to buy and install the servers. Network equipment are also needed. The different components can be cheap to buy though a high number is usually required. Comp screens and projectors should also be bought. The screens should be flat monitors which are very essential for every desktop in the organization. Projectors are excellent methods of performing presentations in the conference room. These may be quite expensive but their benefits are good.
Security Consideration
Different security considerations should be made to both the firewall and antivirus software. For the firewall, IMSS should always receive incoming email as the first server. Configure the MX records on the DNS servers that at this time, the relay control setting should have a configuration of only allowing relays for local domains. For outgoing traffic, the firewall should be configured in the form of proxy based in order to make way for all outbound messages going to the IMSS to ensure that the outgoing SMTP mail is only able to go to then IMSS servers. For the antivirus software, the following considerations should be made; multi layered approach which ensures that emails, applications, the desktops and other hardware are secured. When installing the software, one should ensure that he/she does not include more than one antivirus as it may cause conflict. Very many antivirus scanning engines should be run in the systems, virus definitions should be kept in form of their data and that emails with viruses should be quarantined.
Software and Costs
The organization will need the following software in their operations. Software are the ones that allow the hardware to work in different perspectives. There should be operating system software for both the client and the server computers. These may include different internet access programs like opera mini, Firefox, windows and others. There should be basic...
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