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Topics In Traditional Chinese Vernacular Literature (Thesis Proposal Sample)


The task was about a thesis and an annotated bibliography on the subject \"topics in traditional Chinese vernacular literature.\"

The blurring or obscuring of social status and identities forms a key preoccupation of most of the narrations in the book "Stories Old and New." This implies that new cultural diversity forms have emerged following the obscuring of social status and identities. Historically, most profuse democracies have come up on the basis of the national cultures. However, the economic and political developments have disappointed the traditional patterns and have blurred the established boundaries. Several factors including the immigration of individuals from diverse or dissimilar origins have included new ethnic minorities into the initially small homogenous populations. Social status or class implies the hierarchical divisions of the society of a capitalist where occupation and income or wealth forms the characteristics that define a particular group. The social status or classes in the society used to constitute the lower, middle, and upper class, but the boundaries seem to have been more blurred with the passage of time. With reference to the blurring of stories in the book "Stories Old and New" This paper will discuss the blurring or obscuring of social boundaries and focus on when this is construed or interpreted in a positive light and also when it is depicted as being negative.
Nicholas, Bill. Blurred Boundaries: Questions of Meaning in Contemporary Culture. U.S.A: Indiana University Press, 1994. Print.
This book presents an exploration of the decisive moments when the traditional boundaries of falsehood and truth, nonfiction and fiction became blurred. The author argues that traditionally, cultural studies and film history needs to be placed in a historical context. A proposal by the author is that a new goal aimed at examining how the specific new and old works suppresses or promotes a historical consciousness sense should be examines. One of the chief points that the writer addresses in his book regards the blurring of boundaries. According to Nicholas, The Blurred Boundaries alters radically the interpretive frameworks that are offered by the psychoanalysis and neo-formalism. Comprehension assumes the status of a social act of transformative understanding instead of an abstract psychological process while the application of psychoanalytic terms such as lack, desire, or paranoia to create social points metaphorically produces a vocabulary that is expressly designed for historical interpretation. Blurred Boundaries thus offers novel directions for studying visual culture. This book will be important and useful to the essay by providing an insight into the subject of blurring of boundaries.
Walker, Thomas. Illusive Identity: The Blurring Of Working Class Consciousness In Modern Western Culture. Michigan, U.S.A: Lexington, 2002. Print.
Blurring of social boundaries captures the subject of identity, which is regarded as being illusive. Walker in his book addresses the subject of blurring social boundaries by focusing on the consciousness of the working class in the current or modern western culture. The text uncovers the way the popular culture blurred the definition and dulled the impact of the class identity in the U.S and Europe in both the 19th and the 20th centuries. The topics in the book are organized in such a manner/way that they tackle the altering class consciousness in Europe and U.S and present more information on the movement from the traditional community-based social identity to the modern consumer-based culture. This text will be useful to the essay by providing a historical background on the subject of study in addition to the positive interpretation of social status blurring.
Stryker, Sheldon., Owens, Timothy., and White, Robert. Self, Identity, and Social Movements: Minnesota, U.S.A: University of Minnesota Press, 2000. Print.
Social movements have been in the major creation of the social status and identities. The authors drafting this book demonstrate the importance of self-esteem, identity, and self in the understanding and analyzing of the social movements. The text has been organized to address subjects such as identity in the context of social movements, political protests and group identification among others. The underst...
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