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Impacts of Leadership Styles on Project Success (Thesis Proposal Sample)


to write a dissertation paper on the impacts of leadership styles on project success on construction industries in singapore


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Despite advancements in different leadership styles and methodologies, many projects continue to fail and do not succeed. Project success or failure is contingent on effective managing, leader’s quality expectations, time, costs, and scope constraints. The project manager must portray appropriate project management leadership skills embedded in the leadership styles to achieve project success. This study will identify various leadership styles and investigate their influence on project success in Singapore Descriptive research strategy will be embraced for this research. The research targets the populace size of 200 respondents involved in the implementation, estimation, and examination of the impacts of leadership styles on project success. A sample of 15 will be selected from the 200 respondents and generalise the results and the findings. Stratified random sample technique samples randomly the size of the respondents. Data will be collected by the use of a questionnaire which will be issued to the respondents. Qualitative data will be used to analyse through content analysis. The findings will be drawn after that when the results are out. The affiliation and correlation between leadership styles and effective project success will also be outlined. (more information to be added later when products are out)
Leadership styles play an essential character in the construction industry processes and are employed to run the construction business effectively. When leadership styles are used in organisations like the construction industries lead by Architects, efficiency will be ensured. Good leadership is vital for construction industries Leaders of organisations provide effective leadership by managing the entire construction process. Defining leadership styles and the construction industry will not lead to complete achievement in the construction industry but the entire study will. The research will aim to determine the impacts of leadership styles on project success in Singapore’s construction industries and reach the goals; data will be obtained from these construction industries. The project scope will be the entire construction project in Singapore.
Most organisations require innovative procedures and ideas to enhance projects’ performance (Singh, 2021). The above notion is based on the fact that organisations have to respond to the frequently contradicting effectively and varying clients’ expectations (Nixon, Harrington and Parker 2012). Moreover, (Limsila and Ogunlana,2008) the need to remain competitive in the current economic environment calls for high innovativeness levels. The topic of project management, which entails leadership and its different styles, needs to be comprehended as it displays a vital role in realising project success. The leadership style is thus seen as a blend of the project leader’s adopted behaviors in the project’s course and how he/she blends with other subordinates to ensure task completion. Several leadership theories have been presented to explain how leadership styles impact projects’ success in the construction industry (Reunanen and Kaitonen, 2016). Using a specific leadership style in project management explains how top leaders are related to subordinates from a general perspective (Jekelle, 2021). It is based on the above relationship that most projects either fail or succeed. Therefore, this research will provide a deeper understanding and analysis of how leadership styles affect project success in Singapore’s construction industry.
Project management is an essential aspect of any project success (Müller and Turner, 2007). However, effective leadership in the course of the project must be adopted. Thus, it is based on the above that an easy project manager adopts the best leadership styles that suit a construction project’s harnessed completion (Srivastava, 2016). Whereas several Singapore projects have faced several challenges in the course of implementation, it is clear that with proper leadership styles by managers, success can be realised. Therefore, the paper will present a greater depth and clear comprehension of the different leadership styles, and the most effective for project managers will be ascertained.
Background of the Study
Project success is a challenge facing all big and small construction industries internationally (Kineber et al, 2021). Worldwide, millions of dollars are spent on construction companies their success in every sector (Chan and Chan, 2005). Studies reveal that many construction companies met many challenges, and a few succeed (Hwang, and Low, 2012). Hwang and Low reported that in the last quarter of the twentieth century, more than half of all the construction companies in Singapore failed in project success because of poor leadership. In general, leadership styles and leadership have long been considered necessary for projects’ success and performance (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy D.R, 2015). In construction and project management, research has studied leadership styles extensively (Ghosh et al,2012). The success of construction industries depends on several factors that need to be addressed to meet organisational success (Fiaz et al. , 2017). The study will seek to address the potholes that have been in the leadership that details success in the construction companies (Aldaibat, 2017). Leaders need to be competent in their work to run a business successfully. There is no proper training for the leaders and personnel working in the construction industry (Donkor and Zhou, 2020). Projects given to the untrained workers and the leaders are deemed to fail, and success cannot be attained (Ahmed et al., 2005). People of such calibre need to lead the vital projects because, in the future, the effect causes more significant catastrophes like the collapse of buildings. This study about the impacts of leadership styles becomes a big success for it addresses shortcomings and gaps in the construction industries such as inadequate proper training and appropriate briefing for the workers in the construction projects. Designers, contractors, and construction personnel are expected to portray success in the management of construction industries. Recent construction industries do not entirely work on time within the set budgets due to leaders’ incompetency (Zaheer Allam, 2020). Uncertainty of many construction industries has created difficulties for the construction industries’ professionals, creating and slowing the projects’ growth (L. Howard, W. Ulferts and Hannon, 2019). There is a need to share the construction industries' risks, and one leader cannot bear the burden alone. Effective leadership styles and skills need to be employed to address the menace and bring it under control (Hogg, 2020). Leaders’ primary task in the construction industries is to offer effective leadership throughout the companies' entire construction process.
The current view of leadership styles is very critical (Imam and Zahher, 2021). The role of every leader in the construction industry needs to be addressed. Recently there has been the failure of many projects which are not completed to the latter (Imam and Zahher, 2021). The success of projects will be attained, especially when effective leadership styles are put in place to address the industry’s challenges (Khan, Ali and Umar, 2021). The ability to handle employees will weaken when critical leadership styles in an organisation are ignored. Booming construction industries' performance will be met when crucial regulation actions are employed in the most appropriate style while using practical leadership skills (Ismail and Fathi, 2018). The overall organisational setting will require leaders that are experienced enough in directing the work team towards success (Aldaibat, 2017). According to (Chan and Chan, 2005) project success tends to be attracted to leaders with appropriate skills who can acquire deliberate and systematic efforts, complex in an organisation.
The following are the research questions coined for the study:
Variable 1. Leadership styles
1 How does transformational leadership affect project success.?
2 What are the effects of transactional leadership on project success?
3 What the effects of autocratic leadership on project success?
4 How does democratic leadership impact project success.?
5 What are the impacts of laissez-faire leadership to project success?
6 Why does laissez-faire don’t work in the construction industries in Singapore?
7 How does strategic leadership impact project construction?
8 What are the relationships of Singapore culture and leadership styles?
9 What are the impacts of participative leadership to project success?
Variable 2. Project Success
1 How do leadership competencies impact project success?
2 To what extent do leadership characteristics impact construction projects’ success?
3 To what degree does a company profile impact its success.?
4 How does the response and reaction of workers in the construction company affect its success?
5 To what extent does commitment towards work improve the growth of the construction industries.?
6 How does technology adoption in construction industries lead to an improvement of the sector.?
Variable 3. Construction industry.
1 How does the entrepre...

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