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Influence of Classroom Design on Student Behaviour Thesis Proposal (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Sample: assessES how classroom design as an instrument influences the behaviour of students.


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All over the world, governments, educational institutions, parents, teachers and students pay so much attention on the details of teaching and learning activities. Almost everyone focuses on the performance of individual students and the teaching abilities of their educators. Little has been done to redesign classrooms to fit the learning needs of a particular group of learners. Classroom design is a very important factor that affects learning. Studies have been done to assess the impact of different classroom layouts and arrangements on the teaching and learning process in schools in order to identify the most favourable design for students and the results are suggesting a close association between the two.
This study seeks to determine the association of these factor as a tool in shaping students’ behaviour within the class in an Irish setting. The study is based on a conceptual model where various classroom designs are analyzed and feedback gotten from the educators guide the analysis of the study. This study will reveal the current classroom designs and how it affects the behaviour of children and further analyze its impacts on learning.
The determination of the effects of the built environment on the teaching and learning process for teachers and students in this setting will serve as a major eye-opener on the extent of the impact of construction designs not just on students but also on the general wellbeing and human performance. From this point we will be able to formulate meaningful policies that govern the concept of design for productivity, so as to maximize our output without compromising on our wellbeing.
Keywords: Classroom Design, Children Behaviour, Policies, Classroom Management
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc36813490 \h 41.1 Background PAGEREF _Toc36813491 \h 41.2 Research Aims PAGEREF _Toc36813492 \h 51.3 Research Objectives PAGEREF _Toc36813493 \h 61.4 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc36813494 \h 61.5 Rationale of the Study PAGEREF _Toc36813495 \h 61.6 Project Layout PAGEREF _Toc36813496 \h 72.LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc36813497 \h 82.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc36813498 \h 82.2 The General Effects of Classroom Layouts PAGEREF _Toc36813499 \h 82.3 Effects of Classroom Layout on Student's Engagement PAGEREF _Toc36813500 \h 112.4 The Influence of Classroom Design on Student Behaviour PAGEREF _Toc36813501 \h 132.5 The Impact of Classroom Layout on Teacher Involvement PAGEREF _Toc36813502 \h 142.6 Classroom Layout Policies in Ireland PAGEREF _Toc36813503 \h 152.7 Theoretical Frameworks PAGEREF _Toc36813504 \h 162.7.1 The social-ecological theory PAGEREF _Toc36813505 \h 162.8 Knowledge Gaps PAGEREF _Toc36813506 \h 173.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc36813507 \h 193.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc36813508 \h 193.2 Research Design PAGEREF _Toc36813509 \h 193.3 Research Methods PAGEREF _Toc36813510 \h 203.4 Participants PAGEREF _Toc36813511 \h 203.5 Sampling PAGEREF _Toc36813512 \h 203.6 Data Collection PAGEREF _Toc36813513 \h 213.7 Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc36813514 \h 213.8 Validity and Reliability PAGEREF _Toc36813515 \h 223.9 Research Limitations PAGEREF _Toc36813516 \h 223.10 Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc36813517 \h 22References PAGEREF _Toc36813518 \h 24Appendix PAGEREF _Toc36813519 \h 34Interview Questions PAGEREF _Toc36813520 \h 34Participant Consent Form PAGEREF _Toc36813521 \h 35
1.1 Background
Active learning has become an integral part of the modern teaching and learning process in schools all over the world. There is an increasing evidence that classroom designs may facilitate or impair learning activities and encourage or discourage the participation of students. This involves students learning using a strategy that requires them to both do things, and think about the things they are doing (Baum, 2018, p.45). This has been aided by the many advancements in the various sectors especially in the field of technology. Today, it is not uncommon to find a classroom fully equipped with modern computers with access to high speed internet. This is very different from the old days where learning was all about a teacher with a book standing in front of a class and instructing students on what to do. Today, information is all over web pages and virtual classrooms are on the way to replace conventional teaching environment (Bettinger 2017, p.2859).
The classroom-based learning models implemented by many countries comprise of student engagement that provides the theoretical framework for learning. A classroom is seen as an environment for the engagement which is the process that is experienced on a continuum, resulting in sharing of knowledge. Students spend most of their time in school spending time together and sharing a common environment, the classroom. This environment, therefore, ought to be one that promotes learning by ensuring the highest levels of motivation and ease of access to learning materials.
Many learning institutions, both lower levels and higher education facilities, are committing to channel their resources towards better classroom settings that have a favourable layout which promotes effective learning and student engagement. The recommended environment is that which is convenient and ideal for both the student and the teacher. These institutions have put in place policies that outline the recommended requirements of their classroom design in line with the provisions that facilitate the most desirable sitting positions for students, the position of the teacher's desk, and the position of other remaining items in the room.

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