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Has Social Media Caused Moral Decay (Thesis Sample)


Has Social Media Caused Moral Decay? Discuss


Has Social Media Caused Moral Decay
Social media
Recent research has shown that most people today both young and aged spent 23 per cent of their time in social media. This is to say that social media has greatly influenced people’s life today. One may ask what social media is or what it entails. There are different forms of social media for instance twitter, YouTube and Face book these are a few of the social media, which have greatly influenced the people in today,’s society (Wheeldon n.d). Recent research has shown that social media brings fresh blood to people’s lives. For instance, it provides a platform for people from all parts of the world to exchange ideas with this; people are able to enlarge their social circles. Although social media has both positive and negative impacts on people, it has made the world a better place to live in. The essay will bring out that social media is not responsible for the moral decay in today’s society it will bring out both negative and positive effects of social media in order to bring out the counter argument appropriately.
Thesis statement
Social media is to blame for the moral decay in the society.
Communication and socialization
Social media has resulted to moral decay on different issues in today’s society. For instance, it has resulted to social isolation (Solari Communications, 2012). This is to say that people lack contact with people in normal life situation. In a work place, one may isolate him or herself from his or work mates thus creating a gap between them. People keep on staring at their smart phone even when around people they should socialize. Because of this, young people do not concentrate when being addressed by older people. This shows how young people have become disrespectful because of the use of social media. Recent research has shown that socially isolated people live a shorter life. When one is a socially isolated, you lose the ability to read ones facial expressions and social cues. This means that one lacks the ability to be able to communicate with people with disabilities like the deaf. Thus it is important for one to understand how to interpret the facial expressions in each given situation.
Because of continues isolation and spending more time in social media, and aiming at creating more online friends, social media results to depression this is because people spent most of their time chatting with friends and strangers thus wasting the time they are supposed to sleep. This result to depression and one may be unproductive in his or her place of work. Research has shown that being on the screen for long hours affects the release of melatonin a sleep chemical thus making one to sleep for less hours thus resulting to depression (Neelamalar & Chitra, 2009). One feels more comfortable when communicating online than face-to-face. Social media also affects once communicating skills for instance, if one is always on social media he or she may never understand the verbal cues and facial expressions. This result to poor communication skills and one may never know how to communicate while in public. In addition, while chatting most young people do not use grammatically correct language. This affects their language especially in their academics.
Constant use of social media has resulted to distractions. Many people are hurt while walking simply because of being constantly glued on their phones texting and chatting with friends. In addition, in the class students are distracted from what they are taught because they are on their social websites instead of listening to their teachers by doing so they fail to get the concepts they are supposed to (Wheeldon n.d). This results to poor performance among the students. This adversely affects the young people in their future lives because they spend most of their time in the social media. It is important for the young people to get to understand the disadvantages of spending most of their time in the social media over their studies. This is because the society needs them to cause change in the growing economy.
Today young people seek for sex education in the social websites. Sexting refers to receiving sexually suggestive messages, videos, and photos through the social website. In today’s society, social media has become a leading sexual educator. This is because parents no longer teach their children about sex. Because of this, young people get wrong concepts about sex hence increase in moral decay among the young people. That is why nowadays there is increase in transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. In addition, young people also suffer from emotional and mental disorders because of harmful sexual behaviors (Pernisco, 2010).
One of the greatest effects of social media is the lack of social boundaries in communication that is as a result social media. For instance, before the internet age a teenager would not see photos of nude people. However, nowadays with the development of the social media a girl easily snaps a photo of her boobs and sends them to the boyfriend. They do not see anything wrong with this. On the other hand, the boys snap photos of their penis and send it to their girlfriends. This has greatly resulted to the increase in moral decay in the society (Backe, 2007).
Lack of privacy
Social media has resulted to lack of privacy one can easily hack someone’s account on Face book thus resulting to lack of privacy. In addition, people do not have sense of privacy online one posts on Face book or tweets each action that he or she makes. In addition, in social networks like face book one gives his or her full names, work place, schools, hobbies, members of the family and uploads his or her photos. This information is viewed by strangers, which may cause more harm than good in one’s life because it increases the rate of identity theft. Social media has increased the level of decisiveness for instance one gives false information by creating false profiles. With the rate of cyber-stalking social media has resulted to lack of social boundaries (Backe, 2007). For instance, people are posting nude photos thus crossing the social boundaries resulting to moral decay in the society. It is important for the young people to ensure that they limit their social boundaries especially in the social networks to enhance privacy.
Cyber bullying and hate speech
Cyber bullying and hate speech has caused moral decay in the society. This is because people can say anything or post anything in social media websites. Although, most people claim that they are able to get current issues through the social media, social media promotes propaganda. This is because the information is not from a credible source. In addition, many people will say horrible things in the social websites that they cannot say face to face. Social media has become a platform for people to post threats especially politicians. Cyber bullying affects young children it may result to loneliness, anxiety, and unhappiness (Wheeldon n.d).
In addition, during elections, journalists take advantage of the social websites and threaten people due to their controversial views on different topics. They may post things in favor of their party or a certain candidate, which makes them to mislead members of the society. Social networks have also opened doors for predators, this mostly happens because of the detailed information that people give in social websites. The predators easily lure the young people into traps because of the information posted on the social media websites, a good example is online dating. Cyber bullying affects the victims by causing mental scars. The mental scars may drive the victim to suicide (Ellison, 2009). In addition, the advertisement made in the social media may be exaggerated thus misleading the young people on the usage of a given product and may affect his or her health.
With this, it would be wrong arguing that social media is fully to blame for the moral decay in the society. Young people have a choice to make about what they should communicate about in the social media. Social media is of great importance to the society today it is hard to do away with it simply because of moral decay. Many other things besides the social media cause moral decay. Advisably, individuals cannot overlook the great positive impacts of social media. Social media has thus made the world a global village.
Social media has many positive impacts on people’s lives in today’s economy. First, the introduction of social network websites such as Twitter and Face book has intensified the rate of communication between people from all lifestyles (Wheeldon n.d). This is to say that social media is an important tool which has kept the people socially active. For instance, social website like Face book enables people to join different groups, comment on people’s posts, share people’s post, and most importantly send instant text message. This increases the rate of communication between different members of the society. This enables people to debate on different issues concerning the current affairs. Thus people are able to give different views through the social media. This helps the people to keep in touch with friends and relatives who are in different parts of the world by doing so it acts as a source of entertainment.
Social media increases people’s productivity in the society. People may say that people who use social media are unproductive, research has shown that 9 per cent of the people who use social media are productive than those who do not use. This is because social media breaks the monotony of work. After relaxation, it is easier for one to concentrate on work thus making one more productive.
Social media ...
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