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Outlines and headings. Literature & Language Thesis Writing (Thesis Sample)


What are the pros of outlines and headings in a thesis?


Assignment 4.1
Outlines can be used to support the drafting stages of a thesis topic. The outline spells out key points and supporting details that will be used in the development of the thesis and the overall format of the essay. The outlines help the author of a thesis to adhere to logical, planned steps towards the development of an essay (Raimes & Miller-Cochran, 2014). The outline often leads to the development of headings, which break down the text into chapters, sections and subsections (Harvard University, 2020). Unlike outlines that are used to draft a thesis, headings are part of the thesis. They indicate a progression of the thesis from one stage to another, for instance, from the introduction, literature review, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, and any other section of the section. Below is an example of a brief outline of my thesis topic.
Brief Outline
Thesis Topic: Cyber-threat to the Homeland Security of the United States: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran
1 Introduction

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