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Indirect Effects Incivility on Creativity:Rumination at Individual Level (Thesis Sample)


in this task, i was provided with seven sources . my work was to find out how the sources were connected to the clients topic on indirect effects of incivility on creativity through rumination in work place. the Course materials (articles) were to be analyzed and connections to the thesis project were to be found. Especially, what research ideas that changed the thesis and what things the clients might consider in the future after reading these articles. attached the course materials and instructions and my thesis project which I critically analyzed the sources and related to the clients how they applied or conforms with his work on incivility and rumination at work place. Almost all the sources provided were in line with the thesis research topic and i carefully analyzed their connection to the toipic as indicated in the sample provided below which was the work that I submitted to my client. Job Stress, Competence Need Satisfaction, Work behavior, and Rumination and the Thesis Unfinished work or tasks at the job is the primary source of stress at work. This kind of problem was the relevant to the thesis in that it is these kinds of stressful activities that lead the workers into developing negative rumination in creativity at work. The work-related stress topic needs satisfaction and behavior at work will be helpful outside my thesis concept, but they are within my work-study. The thesis is based on breaking down the work stress-related cases that impact the workers both at work and away from work


Indirect Effects of Incivility on Creativity Through Rumination at Individual Level
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Indirect Effects of Incivility on Creativity Through Rumination at Individual Level
Course Connections
According to Chen, when workers accept the work without considering the future repercussions of their careers, individuals or families initially land in turmoil when they start the work. Incivility at work in most industries that do not provide initial training to their employees to adapt at work can result in family problems, as indicated by Cahen. Also, according to (Chen, 2009), future expectations in a change in career by experts about returning to the parent company can affect their work culture; hence this is seen as incivility that can have negative creativity on expatriates at work.
(Parker & Grant, 2009), points out two perspective issues to have a relationship with workplace performance. These perspective issues arise due to change/ shift in the global economies from manufacturing to service, and knowledge economies have adverse alterations in workplace performance. According to this research, the two perspectives that have come into place to make sure the older manufacturing economies shift to modern economies are the Relations perspective and the Proactive perspective. The relation perspective majorly checks the relationship between co-workers and those the workers serve. This helps in reducing the incivility level at work. Through interactions, the workers tend to share more and discuss their problems hence helping them create an enabling environment where they can work and perform comfortably, increasing their rumination and creativity. On the other hand, a proactive perspective helps the employees anticipate the future hence they create changes thatcan help them adapat and resepond to future expected changes. Therefore, this will enhance their creativity and boost their positive rumination and incivility at work (Parker & Grant, 2009).
The work designs that are implemented and put at work for employees to follow have also contributed to incivility. This has been experienced through absenteeism, performance, psychological outcomes such as satisfaction from work stations, motivation, associated stress from within and burnouts, and employee turnover rates. These can significantly influence and impact workplace incivility if the work design is not checked. The article also talks about the global shift from manufacturing to service economies to contribute to workplace incivility.
The work design, like the traditional, can lead to autonomy where an employer repeatedly performs a similar task over time until they become used to the process and develops no creativity from constantly doing the same work over and over, leading to autonomy at work. Suppose a functional design can be expanded as shown by the JCM by just aletring a subset of jb characteristics. In that case, the employees' behavior and experience can change, which can help them to develop and capture both technological and social developments that can help them perform better and increase creativity work. Both perspective and social context have positive roles in enhancing and shaping employees’ experience and behavior at work. This thesis will look at how diversification and workplace shifts between departments can help reduce autonomy at work and how the impact of the change will influence the incivility, creativity, and rumination at individual and group levels in the workplace (Parker & Grant, 2009).
Work motivations
The articles have analyzed the role that works motivations can have on individual workers and help them improve their work culture and rumination. Work motivation is essential for the well-being of an individual at work. The article s have realized that work motivations are a dyanamic, goal-oriented resource allocation process that surpases the normal variables of time, experience, and place of work. Work motivation has an influence on a person's attributes(Johson et al., 2017)
. Work motivation is an interesting topic that influences the choice of my thesis project title. Workers or employees at the workplace are likely to produce better results where they are motivated and their efforts recognized; hence, I took a keen interest in the workplace. The JAP publication, which focuses on individual roles, gave me a green light to see how work motivation impacts individuals' performance at the workplace. This piece of literature was helpful to my thesis in that it enabled me to learn about the socio-cultural nature of work and the changes that have occurred in recent years. The results published on JAP have impacted my thesis by challenging the best directions that a research like mine should take in the future. (Johson et al., 2017)
Employee Turnover
According to( Lee & Hom, 100 years of employee turnover 2017), turnover is described to have adverse side effects on employees’ performance such as hindrance of workforce diversity, especially when women exit such places. The article has tried to explain the relationship between attitudes at work and turnover, this kind of comparison will be helpful in my thesis as it will help me understand the way job attitudes, turnover is related to the workplace or leads to workplace incivility that is the main topic of study in my thesis. The study will also help me understand how I can help strengthen my future research by choosing the best research designs for turnover to help show my validity when conducting the research. The turnover research is likely to help me focus on individuals rather than large groups when conducting my research in the future
Work Place Envy
According to (Lee & Duffy, 2019), workers can use their envy to help them develop themselves rather than using their envy to harm or exploit other fellow workers. This topic became a major research topic for my thesis research title as most workplace incivility cases always or majorly start from an envy point. This will be ideal for my research in that it will help me understand and determine how envy can lead to a positive appraisal of workplace incivility, rumination creativity. The envious individuals may exploit the innocent individuals by imposing on them their jealous ways by seeking advice from envious individuals too. The article shows that those who seek advice from envious individuals are more likely to perform better than those who learn through observation. As my thesis suggests, this assumption will form the basis of my research when it comes to the envy point of analysis.
(Glick et al. 2002), states that different combination of warmth from stereotypes and competence leads to prejudice and emotions 
which are directed towards kinds of groups in society. Stereotypes result from interpersonal and group interaction between and among workers in the workplace. These kinds of relationships can either lead to incivility among workers. The resultant disresp

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