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Assessments Of Psycho Social Needs: Medical Recommendations (Thesis Sample)



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A psychosocial assessment interview is designed to help the clinician to involve patients and assess his or her psychosocial needs. In most case, the main focus is the prevalence of mental health and substance use problems. The paper examines a person in a situation by explaining details such as information of interviewee, history of the problem, family history, early childhood developments history, and medical information history and recommendations.
Interviewee information
The person presenting the problem is a young woman of age 25 years. She is the first born in a family of ten. Currently, the young lady has two children between the age of one year and six years. The name of the young lady is Ann. Ann has been brought up by her mother throughout her life having not tasted the fatherly love. Ann is not married yet, and she works as a casual laborer in the nearby flowers plantations. Academically she attended the primary and completed the course, but due to some social problems, she did not continue with schooling the higher levels of learning. Being the first born among the ten children brought by their mother Ann have accounted several challenges mostly while trying to help her mother to care for the rest of the family. One of the challenges she had passed through is poverty to the extent of sleeping hungry since the available food could not have satisfied the whole family. On the other hand, Ann has been experiencing severe stress as result of the family poverty level. The problem has been magnified by having two of her children without having a permanent job to cater for all their needs. All this has summed to his psychological problem.
History of the problem and previous problems
Ann psychological problems started at the age of six years when she started to realize what the family was undergoing. As mentioned earlier she was the first born; Ann had many responsibilities while trying to help her mother to cater for the family needs. The age difference between one of the children to the other was two years meaning that none of the children could have helped the other one. It was clear that Ann was left with other children as their mother went to look for food for the entire family. Ann being left at home gave her a psychological problem since the younger brothers and sister could request for food which was not available until their mother was back. In most of the cases, the young lady was found in deep thoughts. Ann's mother sometimes got less food to serve the whole family to satisfaction which resulted to Ann getting less since she understood what was going on. (Bovin & Keane 2016). On the other side having two of her daughters without a permanent job added to her stress whether she will be in a position to raise her kids to high learning levels and liberate her from poverty together with her mother. The total stress resulted in depression which forced Ann to seek medical attention from nearby medical hospitals. The doctors kept on advising her and directing on the ways to do to solve the mental problem. All was in vain because once she went back home could still count on how much she had not achieved with the family. The family set up adds the problem to her. (Bovin & Keane 2016).
Family history and family interaction environments
After a deep interaction with Ann, she explained to her knowledge about t he family background and environments interaction. Ann family was located in one of a rural area which was used by workers during the colonization period. The mother was one of the workers in the colonist's farms. According to her mother history, Ann and his brother were born by John who was their father. The father was arrested and jailed after attempting to change other workers mind while working for colonists. The mother did not explain what happened after the father was arrested. Ann's mother in the process of interacting with the other workers found herself in a relationship with another man together to whom they gave birth to three more children. In a struggle to bring five children without a permanent job, her mother interaction with other richer men brought five more children from different fathers. This historical information continued to harm Ann psychologically to a point she decided to leave her mother's home place and find another place to settle. (Vélez-Moreno & 2016) After one year out of her mother place, Ann decided to marry to see whether life could get the meaning. Unfortunate after five years they divorced and lived separately. The family situation gave Ann more pressure, and she started falling sick time and again. The environment was made of the same level of people who could not have helped much to raise the standards of living of others. The only kind of jobs which were available was plantations farming which was not a full-time job. Few ideas which could have brought a change were circulating in the environments. (Vélez-Moreno & 2016)
Home neighborhood and early childhood development
Ann growth and development has been challenged by a lack of health care services coupled with poor diet as a result of poverty in the family. Normally during the young age children are vaccinated from some of the killer diseases such as polio, malaria, and TB. Ann mother did not have information on the dangers which could have affected her child in future due to lack of immunization which was vital to the child. Ann survived through natural immunity. The mother was not in a position to breast feed the child for the required numbers of years due to insufficient food at that time. It means that Ann body was not supplied with enough nutrients which are required to bring the healthy baby. Ann's body grew weak which was contributed by a large number of the family which was supposed to be cared for. All the same, life could have been normal if she got enough well-balanced diets. Proteins and carbohydrates were an only available source of food that Ann was feed during her growth. The lack of vitamins resulted in some health problems which could have contributed to the unhealthy body as she was growing. During her growth, she experienced the motherly love, but she missed the fatherly love since that how she found the situation. It affected her social growth because she found other children happy to have their father who seemed to be caring for them. Also, the large number of children her mother had gives her a challenge of how to bring them and provide all the required human needs. This reason forced ...
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