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Art & Architecture Thesis (Thesis Sample)


The task was to describe a burning candle. The sample is about it a burning candle, which shows an ancient practice in both esoteric spiritual practices and conventional religious sense

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Art & architecture: Burning Candle
This artistic work represents a classical religious and spiritual image of a burning candle. In addition, it shows an ancient practice in both esoteric spiritual practices and conventional religious sense. The burning candle ignites a people wishes and thoughts of spiritual and religious scenarios and events such as prayers. Considerably, almost every person who lights a candle is attached to particular feelings and understanding. Whether representing love, blessings or personal protection, burning candle produces a fire that signifies the internal inner flame of individual’s immutable spirit. Burning candle provides an insight of the person manifesting not only in the abstract way but also in quite direct.Thesis statement
I strongly believe that this image provides an insight of how the use of the burning candle affects our success, challenges, happiness, and overcoming the darkness among other events.
I can identify a burning orange candle that burns strongly and steadily and also stand out well in the presence of the darkness. This paper, therefore, aims to describe the interpretation or the meaning of this image accompanies the impact it has on the life of an individual.Expectant success
The candle in the image burns with a bright, strong and steady flame. Strong and steady flame is what almost every person desire when they lit a candle because they believe that this flame produces favorable results of their prayers and rituals. In other word, this candle suggests that the aim of lighting it was successful. This burning candle is an indication of successful ritual or a spell. The strong flame shows that energy and power are favoring the desires for the manifestation of an individual who is burning the candle. As a result, the person gains the power and strength to work out the puzzle ahead of them to achieve success. A person is also able to handle the tasks or the responsibilities with the determination that can lead to success.
Difficulty and tribulations
However, the presence of the flowing wax that forms a tear shape drops represent the difficulties and tribulations that an individual will go through before success is achieved. For instance, the flowing wax might indicate that the prayers will be answered after an individual had gone through some sacrifice and hard work. Consequently, the image shows that the person who lights the candle has to expect difficulties and challenges that will be later compensated by the success in their rituals or their prayers. This image shed light to the saying that state; "a path with no obstacles leads to nowhere." Thus, the presence of tribulation shows that realism and real life situation that a person experiences before achieving their success.
Overcoming the darkness
Some of the part of the image is covered with darkness that is being overcome by the light produced by the burning candle. Therefore, the light emitted by the candle indicates that the light has come into the scene and is overcoming and dominating the darkness. The image interprets that the evil or the power to cast the darkness away from the path of success. The burning candle creates confidence that in turn helps the person to mitigate the irrational fear. In addition, the presence of the light provides the participant with a sense of comfort and safety. With the confidence and the sense of the comfort, an individual can comfortably handle the tasks ahead...
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