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An Admission for PHd Studies (Admission Essay Sample)


write an admission essay. this essay is meant to secure an admission for phd studies


Admission essay
In 2016, I graduated from Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA, with Associate Degree in Mathematics and Science and General Studies Honor Student. I had continuously wanted to be a computer guru. I was very good at it, having interest in science, social sciences, mathematics and technology. I thought that the information I had was adequate to select a career path. In august 2016, I started studying an undergraduate program, Majoring in Information Science and Technology, at Pennsylvania State University, Pittsburgh, PA, thereby beginning a four year course study in my field of interest. During my last year, I was introduced to the idea of undertaking an MBA program in business analysis field.
When I now think about what I should be in the next 10 years, it is not a computer guru, but a business analyst. To attain this objective, I plan to undertake an MBA program given that I have worked in various companies, such as CVS Pharmacy, World Financial Group, South Hills Interfaith Ministries, Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh and Prospect Park Family Center. My experience, having worked for these companies, have prepared me for more roles. I am proficient with all computer programs and use of all database, web design, and Application development. I intent to gain strategic management skills in my MBA to create more business analysis solutions for the company I will be working with.
The main reason I am applying for an MBA is to achieve may career goals, improve personal development and specialize in the area of business analysis expertise due to my interest in academics. I am interested in pursuing my interests more in depth, get skills which make me more professional, invest in my future and gain recognizable business qualifications. The most components of the course that I consider appealing are provision of work experiences opportunities, modular approach and development of analytical skills.
I have non-academic as well as academic experiences. I have knowledge and skills in Information Science and Technology. This fundamental knowledge will help me carry out research in business intelligence analysis, business process improvement and project management. These skills will help me understand business analyst roles and positively contribute to business intelligence research in academia.
My undergraduate studies, certifications and High School Diploma qualifications have prepared me satisfactorily to undertake the MBA program. In 2013, I graduated with a Certificate of completion in IC3 Computer Literacy Training and Customer. The background in my field of expertise has helped

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