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Application Set For Recruitment At Julliard Institution Of Learning (Admission Essay Sample)


this ne was application set for recruitment at julliard institution of learning.

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Balancing life
Being an artist or in the phase of being one is a challenge in the contemporary life's status with lots of hurdles on the way. Precisely being a youthful age, there is a lot I have struggled outside my passion-music. This is inclusive of the social perspective and the academic angle. I have had to confine with the academics since I enrolled in the pre-schooling stages and the Grade level, High school and in the college. All this was to align with the parent's ideology whereby they do embrace following my passion but not evading a follow up of the country's learning curriculum. To some extent, this is true since on the High School level, I have had a chance to integrate and mingle with various characters thus shaping my thinking. I once thought that we all hold similar life's perspective but later realized this is not the case after blending at the high school and the Grade school. I have balanced my academic work since my folks realized I have talent in singing; thus putting it on the list of my daily schedules. On weekends, it is mandatory that I visit a studio whereby I have practicum on my songs. This has been my routine and has never had a negative impact on my studies. This does not insinuate lack of attention to music since, at the college level, the music profession starts an enlightenment phase.
On the social life, I join in most cases the family vacations which are inclusive of eco-tours to distinct places with intents of enlightenment of issues to do with the environment and provides a relaxation period. I do engage in gym thus ke...
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