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The Dream Cheated Me (Admission Essay Sample)

Admission/Application Essay, Creative writing any one experience that a witty, lighthearted 17 year old male student could write about source..
Creative Writing The Dream Cheated Me Name Institution The Dream Cheated Me Since childhood, I have always believed that there are two moments to remember in the life of a person. People hardly forget the events that made them very happy and the events that made them very sad. The moment of joy and the moment of sorrow always compete for existence in our memory banks. I have desperately tried to forget one moment I experienced in the history of my life. Each time I try to put it behind me, it comes back to install in my mind. I had just completed my lecture and I was walking along the beautiful paths in the college. A beautiful African lady, Chila, walked in the opposite direction. Like me, she was student of in the college on a scholarship. I hurriedly rushed towards her and intercept her. Perhaps, I was under the influence of the deep affections that I had for her. After engaging in a few pleasantries, I asked her to accompany for a show in town the following day. She accepted. That was the beginning of my happiness in college. Chila had been a nice lady. I liked her African background and the humility by which she conducted herself in the college premises. The next day came sooner ...
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