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Statement of purpose for PhD admission (Admission Essay Sample)


The task entailed writing an application for a pHd program mentioning convincing reasons for the application


Statement of purpose for PhD admission
Student's Name
Given my strong desire to understand in deeper insight the models of strategic management, I hereby state my sincere desire to join your PhD program me. I have a burning desire to further my studies and concentrate on broadening my interests in the field of business administration paying special attention on strategic management. Setting objectives and working forward to achieve goals has always been my strength as deadlines motivate me. The mere achievement of completing tasks scheduled in time offers a huge amount of inspiration as boosts my self-esteem. That practice has made me preferable in the job environment, thanks to my exceptional determination running through my veins.
Over time, your school has continued to receive admiration and accolades due to its excellent faculty. The professors running the college have been effective in handling the students joining the campus and the assertion can be justified by the growing number of grandaunts at both doctorate and PhD levels. Another element that has not passed my sight about the university is the adequate resources that are present for productive exploitation by scholars. The presence of lecturers is enough to guide scholars during both the course work and projects. Rumor has it that they are keen to guide each student who is willing to learn. They also mentor students in the specific line of study. With such great efforts, it is almost impossible to fail.
The line of management of strategies to direct concepts and models relate to my career. A PhD in strategic management will complement my knowledge. Not forgetting my previous knowledge on computer engineering, this advanced degree will enable me possess skills for consultation as well as those of research. Ability to analyze different aspects of a study quantitatively for instance is sure to advance the academic knowledge of the specific topic. The expected outcome of such a scenario would be the innovation or discovery of some very new concept with relation to computer engineering and related fields. Previous experience in research activities and projects such as that of Netflix will come in handy, making me strategically positioned to reap maximum results from a study. Avenues, therefore, will be opened allowing forum for discussion on my findings and room for further advancement.
My resume is an evident reflection of the efforts I put in my activities es...
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