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Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


Write an application essay using the attached notes. the task involved writing an admission essay for a specified graduate school


Admission Essay
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Since 2009 to 2011, I have been working every summer. I have worked in two companies, which have an outstanding reputation in Turkey. This experience has taught me a lot about the business world. In the summer of 2009, I worked in a family company, called A.S Hisar, located in Istanbul. It produces stainless steel kitchenware (flatware and cookware). It also imports porcelain and bone china from Poland and Italy. The company has been the best in the kitchenware section in turkey since 1968. It has its own concept stores in turkey, one being in Istanbul where I worked as a salesperson. First, I was trained by being taught about the product and how it was produced. I was then taught how to deal with customers and sell the product to them. During the working process, I learned so much about how to communicate with customers. I regard this as very important, since communication is mandatory for all professionals.
Since I loved dealing with customers while working as a sales person, I figured it would be beneficial for me to learn about importing and exporting. Therefore in the summer of 2010, I started working as an intern in the import and export section of Hisar Company. The company exports its products to thirty two countries. The sales representatives in the export department are assigned certain customers to deal with in different countries. I contributed in customer meetings, assisted and learned how to manage price lists for different countries. Majorly, I learned how to process all import and export tariffs and custom regulations. Working in the import and export department was not that easy because there were so much paperwork to do. This included filling proforma invoices, packing lists and commercial invoices. However, after I learned how to work on these documents, I began enjoying the experience.
I was interested in getting some experience in the textile industry this year. During this summer, I worked in a fashion and ready to wear company called Ipekyol, as a marketing intern. Ipekyol is a popular plant, which manufactures high-end products. It has one hundred and twenty five stores throughout Turkey. My internship was exciting. I carried out marketing researches for leading ‘Ready to Wear’ companies in Turkey and Europe. I prepared marketing plans for new product orientation, contacted advertising, public relations and media organizations to arrange meetings. I also maintained files through data entry and word processing, organized client files and was involved in developing client follow-up procedures. During Ipekyol’s summer fashion show, I worked backstage as an assistant. It was a challenging but exciting experience, since I met many people.
I have always been amazed by how production and manu...
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