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Graduate Application Letter (Essay Sample)

This sample is all about a graduate application letter. source..
Graduate Admission Application Name of Student Name of Professor School Affiliation Date Amy Sichen Lu 108 N. Primrose Ave, #D Alhambra, CA 91801 626-376-1414 University Park Campus University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089 (213) 740-2311 Dear Sir/Mr./Mrs./Miss… RE: APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION IN MAcc/MBT DEGREE Introduction United States is one of the world's nations with best learning institutions and high academic standards. University of Southern California, in particular, is the country's leading private research school that offers high quality education. It offers admission opportunities to over 30,000 students from the country as well as other regions of the world. In addition, the university also offers over 400 quality professional and graduate programs in attempt to mould students for leadership roles in education, professional practice and research. The university has an online application program, which enhances easy application for students are not situated within the United States. In line with the school's academics credentials and the flexibility of learning programs, I would like to apply to pursue my studies under MAcc or MBT degree there. The MAcc and MBT admission requires that fall applicants must have completed or are still undertaking certain courses by the time they are submitting their applications. These include; Introduction to Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Cost of Managerial Accounting, and U.S. Federal/Corporate Taxation. Preferably, the board also recommends that the applicant must have completed or still undertaking Auditing, Advanced Accounting and Corporate Finance courses. In line with my experiences in business administration, economics, bookkeeping, and accounting, I have completed many of the aforementioned courses in my past studies. However, I would still comply with the university if they decided to add me extra courses for those that I have not yet covered. Following the application requirements' list, I have attached my official transcript of a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, which is equivalent a 4-year undergraduate degree program in U.S. My school, University of Southern California, is one of the leading learning institutions in the U.S. and even one of the best performers in the academic hierarchy. Therefore, it is an accredited learning institution. I have also submitted an official degree and graduation certificate as well as English translations of both the transcript and graduation certificates with respective percentage scores. Having scored an average of 92%, I believe that I surpassed the minimum 80% mark required of applicants from China. Since I am applying for full-time MAcc and MBT programs, I am ready to submit my GMAT scores soon so that the board can review my application in due time. I have already attached my personal statement and will be, equally ready to take the English Language exams since my country, China, does not use English as the National Language, also attached are the two recommendation letters and my resume. Having already perused my degree at the USC I believed that this is the best forum for me to undertake MAcc and MBT degree program. I understand the learning programs and criteria of the university. Besides knowing the lecturer, I believe that they also know my weaknesses, which can only help me improve my performance as well as properly interact with them. The school offers world-class professional programs, which would make me best accountant. Moreover, a MAcc and MBT degree from the USC is highly demanded in the job markets. As such, I will be advantaged and equipped with standard skills in business administration and accounting related professions. Having studied there also lessens the requirements that the first applicants have to adhere to. It also presents with the knowledge of what I should expect to achieve by the end of my course. If my objective is to acquire more skills and experience in accounting, then USC is the best place for me since I had already studied there. Most importantly, I believe that I can match all the requirements set for admission of MAcc and ...
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