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Life & Death (Essay Sample)

Life and debt is a song about the life experienced by Latino's in their new country. source..
Life & Death
Life and debt is a song about the life experienced by Latino's in their new country. As it goes, the reason that they migrated was so as to find a better future. This indicated in their efforts to find daily bread to sustain their present family. However, it is clear that new country is difficult to live in and that their economic situation is complicated. There are many factors that hinder success for people of Latino origin. Latino belongs to a different class that is considered inferior. Their life is considered so difficult that a pregnancy is defined as a future fight. Latino's use hip hop to encourage each other and to pass the message of better days to come.
Class conflict is the antagonistic and supremacy battles experienced in our society as a result of the socio- economic interests mostly visible in a capitalistic set up. According to the Marxist theory, a class results from ownership that vests some power on such an individual. The property one owns can be able to place such an individual to a specific social class that with it comes with power or a feeling of vulnerability (Garrett 35). Individuals with greater ownership tend to come together and work together so as to remain at the top thus making it difficult for those at the lower classes to change their status. It is this competition to remain relevant and in power that make such classes oppress and deny those who are at the bottom means and also the opportunities to exploit their full potential.
As per the conflict theory, capitalistic systems always support the business owners in the assumption that the free market would cause a trickle down to those at the bottom of the pyramid. They even bring up laws such as subsidies and tax breaks that eventually benefit the rich assuming that the markets will result to the benefits reaching the poor who are mostly the providers of labour (Garrett 41). Those who are at the bottom are always victims of inequality since those holding the power make laws that are oppressive and demeaning ensuring that they are incapacitated to rise and make good of their lives. Those at the bottom may result to violence in an effort to beat the ruling class.
An ideal society should care for every member regardless of one's origin, race or gender. The society should be socially responsible to consider the immigrants in the country. It is notable that the most illegal and dangerous jobs are performed by immigrants. In addition, these people live in the most adverse areas of the country (Haugen et al. 172). From ancient times, the society has abused the marginalized and minority members of the society for the most undesirable and dangerous jobs. Before modern civilization, slaves were in the same situation as immigrants today. Although the situation is different today, the similarities are visible and striking.
The result of this modern day social cruelty towards immigrants results from the laws, norms, institutions and conditions that the society has set (Garrett 65). One would argue that the immigrants deserve what they get because they consent to it. However, although these people venture into these situations out of free will, they have good reason because it is better than what they have left behind. immigrants may consider the dangerous jobs their new society offers because they have no choice (Garrett 65).
With this in mind, it is important for the society to consider these newcomers as part of their society. Being part of the society, it is then essential for the government to take social responsibility for these immigrants. However, this draws another argument; why would a society be responsible to members of the society? To answer, thus, one should first know when this line is drawn. Immigrants are also parents, some are diligent workers, good neighbours and active community members (Haugen et al. 172). Why then, should the society feel pitched when sharing social welfare with them?
Immigrants constitute the most vulnerable and exploited members of any soci...
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