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Newspapers should have no friends (Essay Sample)


Newspapers should have no friends. Discuss

Newspapers should have no friends. Discuss
There has been constant complains about the biases of the so called mainstream media. Most media institutions behave like professional and independent new media, but are more like the mouthpiece of leading or ruling parties. As a result newspaper is now used by political organizations and individuals as a way of exercising and expressing their interpersonal communication.
Newspaper editors have turned to propaganda chiefs and spin doctors of political parties in power. They have completely abandoned their professional ethics. Editorial right has also been subjected to scrutiny hence loss of legal framework that ensures newspapers portray the correct information to the public.
Respective governments’ have an obligation of ensuring that all information that the media, especially newspapers editor's release to the public is free from friendship terms. This means that all the information aired is best to the entire public and not to specific people.
As stated, newspapers should not have friends. They have an obligation to undertake and that is to truly and correctly inform the public of the contemporary issue surrounding it. This is not to say that newspapers should not “fan and fire of discontent” as designated by some media firms around the world (Ishii 3). All that the media should do is to act and work efficiently as the 4th estate in the maintenance of democracy and freedom. It has a part to play in ensuring media checks and balances.
Since the media itself cannot inflict e...
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