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Personal Statement Autobiography About Past Experience (Admission Essay Sample)


the client wanted a short autobiography about her past experience, which she would use to apply for admission into medical school

Personal Statement Autobiography
I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I have spent my entire life. I have two siblings, a sister, one and half years older, and a brother, ten years older. Growing up I liked playing softball and volleyball, in addition to being the school team cheerleader. I attended public school up to 2nd grade, when my parents enrolled me in a private academy, Chattanooga Christian School, where I studied until 9th grade. It was while there that I met my long time and best friend, Katie Christianson. After graduating for high school, I joined Silverdale Baptist Academy, a small private Christian school. I continued to play sports throughout high school, and given the small size of my graduating class (we were 35 students), I knew and easily interacted with all my classmates.
While in my senior year, my elder sister dropped out of college after just one semester, and this experience had an intimidating effect on me as I was anxious whether I’ll meet the same fate. And true, my first year in college was an uphill task because I struggled academically. It was in the same year that my friend Katie died in a car crash, and coupled with my academic challenges, my first year in college was really emotionally draining. It was a moment a turning point in my life, as the loss of my friend made me to reflect hard on the purpose of life and my responsibility as a person. I was aware of the distress that my sister’s dropping out of college had caused my parents, I made a resolution not to add to their pain. I became determined to push through college and succeed in life.
My interest in medicine started in high school where I developed a liking for science subjects. When I joined college, I enrolled for a bachelor of science in biology, although I had not made up my mind what career path I will eventually take. I made the decision in May 2012 when I had the opportunity to work as a scribe in an emergency room in a local hospital. In November 2012, I sustained back injuries in a car accidents, and my experience interacting with the Physician Assistant who cared for me that persuaded me to pursue a career as a PA. In 2014, I became the first member ever in my family to graduate from college.
After college I engaged in community service and charity projects in Chattanooga and outside the country. I volunteered with the American Heart Association and participated in a heart work campaign. In 2014 I had the opportunity to ...
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