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write a research proposal on the causes of plane crashes involving Boeing company.
provide an analysis that will finally lead to prevention measures


Plane Crashes and Possible Interventions
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Plane Crashes and Possible Interventions
The study sought to assess the safety of the aviation industry, including trends of plane crashes, causes of, preventive measures, and solutions to the crashes. Air safety is a key priority for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Therefore, the study entailed a detailed analysis of the recent plane accidents in various parts of the world and the role of stakeholders in preventing fatal crashes. Particularly, the research involved an examination of the IATA and FAA safety guidelines. The study is eminent since aviation is one of the reliable methods of travel. However, in the recent past, there has been a rise in aircraft accidents. The incidents have resulted in fear and concerns in the safety of aviation transport. The causes of accidents are mostly linked to major issues such as pilot error, mechanical problems leading to engine malfunctions and engine fires, bad weather false alarm, terrorism threats, the surface to air missiles and the hijacking of the planes.

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