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Challenges Facing Projects In Communities For Developmental Purposes (Admission Essay Sample)


A motivation letter where one is seeking a scholarship opportunity.

I recently graduated from Daystar University with BA Community Development and I am interested to apply for a Master’s Program in your Institution. Currently I work with a CBO based in the Rural Kilifi, Kenya. The CBO - CHADI is involved in many programs and projects with the aim of bringing developmental changes to the less fortunate in the community by helping them solve problems that hinder development. As part of my learning experience, I was involved in a reusable sanitary project which aimed at teaching young girls and women on how they can make these reusable towels. Many girls miss school during their menstrual period while women are not able to attend to farm work and other activities. In regard to this, I got interested in applying for a Master’s Program in Project Management in your Institution. I gained slight know-how in Project management when studying my Degree program in Community Development at Daystar University in Kenya. This minimal exposure made me realize that my knowledge in Project Management is narrow and still wanting. So far I have noted the challenges facing projects initiated in Communities for developmental purposes in my country Kenya. While doing my internship, I was given the task of finding out why most of the projects had stalled in the communities and came up with some challenges. These challenges can be overcome if only one is equipped with proper managerial skills. This increased my desire to widen my knowledge in this area of expertise and bring change to my people. I am a change agent and would love to see communities that have experienced change, who have transformed, who have been empowered and alleviated from poverty due to successful projects that are geared towards bringing independence to them and creating sustainable livelihoods. Many of these projects started have a great role in food security in terms of sustainable Agriculture, Water drilling and poverty alleviation, however many of them end up failing because of proper management on them. I wish to study and gain more knowledge about how best I can help my home-country by managing successful and sustainable projects especially the rural communities who are faced with poverty. The knowledge I will acquire from this course, will help me to be outstanding in managing successful projects. At national level I wish to be a consultant, train and deploy technical staff in the development sector as well as make other sectors achieve their goals through proper managerial skills. Therefore I intend to pursue Masters in Project Management so that I become part of the experts to solve my country’s developmental problems, which do not seem to end because of poor managed projects. Apart from my studies, I gained skills from actively involving myself in other activities. To begin with, I was an active member of a group that worked on helping the needy students finance their education. The group, DUREMO (Daystar University Resource Mobilization) used to organize events in order ...
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