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Action Plan Detailing Strategies to Schedule and Successfully Complete Flexpath Courses (Admission Essay Sample)


If you need some help, this video demonstrates how to use this page.Develop an action plan reflecting on what you have learned so far during orientation and detailing plans to successfully complete your first FlexPath academic course.The ability to plan and implement strategies to schedule and successfully complete FlexPath course work is an important step in becoming a successful FlexPath learner.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate proficiency in the following course competency and assessment criteria:
Competency: Develop an action plan detailing strategies to schedule and successfully complete FlexPath courses.
Develop an action plan detailing strategies to schedule and successfully complete FlexPath course work based on an exploration of individual strengths, challenges presented by a new educational model, scheduling demands, and available sources of support.
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As a FlexPath learner at Capella, you are embarking on an educational experience that will require you to stretch in new and exciting ways. You will be developing the knowledge that is important in your chosen field as well as the ability to transform your developing knowledge into effective, real-world skills and action. And you will be doing this in an educational model that gives you more independence and requires more self-direction than you may have previously experienced.Given these opportunities and challenges, now is a good time to reflect on what will be asked of you and take stock of the skills that you will use to be successful. Creating an action plan will help you commit to making FlexPath course work a priority in your busy life, identify skills to begin working on, and find the resources and support you'll need to succeed.
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The following resource is required to complete the assessment. Click the link provided to open the resource.
FlexPath Action Plan.
Use this document as the template for your action plan. It includes questions to consider and reflect upon before addressing each element of the plan.
The following optional resource is provided to support you in completing the assessment or to provide a helpful context. Click the link provided to open the resource.
FlexPath Resources.
Review FlexPath resources on Campus to identify those you think might be most helpful to you.
What's your plan? The beginning of a degree program is full of excitement about new beginnings as well as future possibilities. Completing this assessment will help you channel that excitement and vision of possibilities into a concrete plan of action. Creating an action plan is a great way to help clarify your goals and plans and to begin transforming your aspirations into reality.Although the preparation and directions listed below are specific to this assessment, the process they lead you through is similar to what you will do in every FlexPath academic course.
To prepare for this assessment:
Review the FlexPath Action Plan Scoring Guide (located just below the Directions) to see the criteria by which this assessment will be evaluated.
Review the FlexPath Action Plan template linked in the Resources (located in the above section).
Estimate the time it will take you to complete your plan and then set your target date.
Remember that you should plan to submit the assessment no later than the Tuesday prior to the date your first academic course starts.
Give yourself plenty of time to thoughtfully consider the questions it poses and summarize your responses. Although you will submit the action plan for evaluation in this practice course, remember that you are creating the plan to use as you begin your first academic course. The more you put into it, the more useful it will be.
Step 1: Complete the Assessment.
Open the FlexPath Action Plan template, linked in the Resources section.
Use the template to format your assessment. Type your responses within the spaces provided in the template.
Save your work as a Word document using the file naming conventions listed in the Assessments Attempt tab.
Step 2: Review your work.
Review your work before submitting the plan. Do you see anything you want to change or add? Is the grammar and spelling correct? Revise the plan until you are satisfied with it and review the FlexPath Action Plan Scoring Guide again to ensure you have met the criteria.
Step 3: Submit your assessment.Attach your Word document to this assessment and submit it. To do that, complete the following:
Click the Submit Assessment button located at the bottom of this page.
Click on Submit Assessment (Attempt 1).
In the assessment area, click Browse My Computer to locate and attach your document to this assessment.
Click Submit.
Step 4: Review your feedback.Your facilitator will evaluate your plan according to the scoring guide and return it within two business days for you to review. You will see an alert on your Campus dashboard when your assessment has been reviewed by the facilitator. To see the facilitator feedback, complete the following:
Click on the Assessment 1 tab.
Click on the Attempt tab to view your feedback.
Step 5: Complete this course.If you have demonstrated sufficient performance, select Complete This Course in the left navigation menu of the courseroom. Click the blue Complete This Courseto complete this practice course. This button will activate upon completing the assessment and checking your feedback.Congratulations, and welcome to FlexPath!
Format: Use the FlexPath Action Plan template to format your assessment. Type your entries using double-spaced paragraphs in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Written communication: Communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Writing style: Expectations for scholarly writing include the use of third-person narrative, unless it is awkward to do so. Because you are talking about yourself in this assessment, you may write in the first person.
FlexPath Action Plan Scoring Guide
VIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guide


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Over the years, I have had to learn in conventional school environments where there are classrooms and an instructor who is physically present to guide me through the material and activities that are required for the successful completion of the courses. Although I did enjoy learning under such settings, I found that they were very demanding, especially in terms of time. eed to revise my current sch

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