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College Admission (Admission Essay Sample)


Wrting admission essay


Student’s Name
College Admission
College admission is a critical element in a person's academic life; there are various elements highlighted that need to be properly understood for joining college. In my case, I plan to take both tests since they increase my chances of getting noticed by colleges for admission. The test scores that one gets are very important even though they are not the sole determinant (Marymount University n.p). Colleges use the test score to determine if the individual is ready for college, and they are also used for comparison purposes. However, different colleges use different criteria and therefore having great test scores alone is not enough. One has to take the SAT, and ACTs will improve my chances of being admitted.
I also plan to use the Advanced Placement tests to increase the chances of one getting some of the best colleges. Harvard University closely looks at the APS, which they believe is the perfect predictor of the person's success in the college (Marymount University n.p). I will also take the International Baccalaureate Exams as they also increase the chances of better placement. Such exams require massive sacrifice, but they provide and engage in getting the top universities and beating the competition.
A test-optional is often overlooked in the admission process. A common myth in college admission is that if it is optional, then it is not important (Han n.p). Getting involved in the optional shows the extra effort by the person and, ther

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