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Write A Statement For Readmission Pharmacy School Delayed Graduation (Admission Essay Sample)


WRITE A Statement for readmission PHARMACY SCHOOL Delayed Graduation

Student name:
Readmission Statement
September 26, 2016
South College School of Pharmacy Academic Progression and Professional Conduct Committee
I seek readmission to South College School of Pharmacy, after having failed to progress to the next quarter. I never attained the average pass mark of the two exams; cardiology and nephrology, despite passing both classes. It is in conformation to the college requirements that, for progression, one has to pass each course with a minimum letter grade of C (South College 16-17). I fell short of the threshold as a result of natural, understandable causes. During the break, I scrutinized and re-evaluated myself, thus formulating reliable solutions to propel me into the next quarter should I find an opportunity of re-admission.
The quarter in which I took the two courses; cardiology and nephrology, was so eventful that eventually but unfortunately led to my inability to progress to the next quarter. I depicted a high sense of competence and comprehension of content in the two units. I sought accommodation with the school, in the second half of the quarter, for my first nephrology exams. Consequently, there was an improvement in my grades and a boost in my confidence as the exams approached.
The disappointment of failing cardiology exams despite my massive resource investment; time and labour, had an adverse effect coming to my nephrology exams. I was diagnosed with ADHD hyperactive and exams anxiety. Exam questions were unclear and thus contributed to my failure to pass the assessments.
However, during my break, I have had an opportunity to review my weaknesses and reasons that resulted to my failure, and eventually devised appropriate resolutions. I am still interested in pursuing the subject matter. I believe that I can do well and finally progress, into the following quarter of the pharmacy program. Moreover, I have decided to acquire more knowledge by residing in Knoxville, considering the fact my pharmacist lives there, and he is also a South College preceptor. I have formed stronger support groups to aid me through discussions. Additionally, my roommate who is also a university student will form an excellent study partner.
I have scheduled meetings with Dr Gabriel and Dr Potter, to address my weaknesses in cardiology and nephrology respectively. I will also have assessments before coming back to school. I have arranged to obtain notes from my former classmates, continue working...
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