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Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)

The task was about applying for an admission into a University. source..
Name Professor Course Date Reasons to Apply As an aspiring Business student who strives to achieve considerable academic and social targets in one of the best universities, I would like to forward my application. Joining Cox School of Business shall expose me to various areas that will help in developing my skills and knowledge. Since it is part of the Southern Methodist University (SMU), Cox School of Business offers the best education programs in various commerce disciplines across the US. My interest to join this campus was facilitated by several reasons and factors. For instance, the school offers different options like full-time, part time and the executive MBA courses. These options favor learners who are engaged in other activities during the day. The different programs are essential for students who wish to learn and participate in other productive areas like games, volunteering missions or community projects. Another reason is that SMU is a famous campus in my home country Guatemala. Parents like sending their children to the institution because of the good reputation it has held for many years. Cases of students’ strikes, harassment or victimisation are rare, making it a suitable learning environment. The school has policies that protect international students against abuse or mistreatment. The school is s...
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