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New York City (Admission Essay Sample)


the task was to explain why a place (NYC) makes me feel content. The sample is an exhaustive description of New York City. It is a description of the beauty and life in the city. This is my personal experience, hence the first person\'s style of writing.

New York City
To some people, living in the United States is a fantasy. With so many opportunities and places to visit, it could truly be someone's dream. But what if you could turn that fantasy into something more magical? Well, you would go to that country's greatest city, of course. You may be wondering, which city would claim that title in America. The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the Empire State, my birthplace, I could only be referring to New York. Famous for its amazing landmarks and architecture, NYC is truly breathtaking. It is my hometown and hence I have the privilege that many outsiders fancy.
NYC consists of 5 boroughs (Berman 23). Manhattan has always been my favorite borough. Every time I visit Manhattan, I always feel like exploiting it fully. Whether it's taking a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, touring all the way to the top of the Empire State Building, or being sucked in to the craziness of Time Square, I make sure I do it exhaustively. It can be overwhelming to keep up with all the diversity and versatility of the city. Every corner you turn, you're faced with something new. Some of the interesting activities within the city include the discourse of people, foreign children being awed by the sites, tourists desperate to shop in all of the famous stores, the presence of celebrities, and street performances.
Although I love the atmosphere in the day, nothing is more spectacular than Manhattan at night. The scenery is nothing short of stunning. The lustrous lights of the buildings sparkle like diamonds, and things seem to be clearer at night than they are during the day. No matter how many times I see them, the astonishing giant buildings, lustrous city lights, brilliant sky scrapers and world famous landmarks never cease to amaze me.
I have had numerous experiences in NYC. I can still remember my childhood experience in the city when my family and I used to visit the tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty. At that time, there were various shows and concerts meant for kids. I never missed these occasions because they were part of my life. Currently, I still enjoy the NYC atmosphere. I just love the presence of my favorite celebrities who sometimes come to the city for shopping purposes or to perform. I enjoy the organization of the city too. Life in the city is perfect, beautiful, and energetic with the inhabitants feeling the good aura of the surrounding atmosphere. Additionally, associati...
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