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A Specialty Course in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Admission Essay Sample)


the paper was an admission essay seeking to secure a specialty course in Psychiatric mental health nursing. specifically, the essay narrates personal experiences and personalities that are essential in shaping a career in mental health. various concepts in nursing and how they will be incorporated into practice are also discussed alongside future prospects if admission is granted.


A Specialty Course in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

I have a strong urge to become a mental health nurse because of my ardent belief in making everyone happy and self-confident regardless of their status. My ultimate satisfaction comes from helping the vulnerable back to their feet, uplifting the frail, and encouraging those who are demotivated. Thus, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing is nothing less than a perfect fit to fulfill my age-long desire as a nurse practitioner. Nursing, wholesomely as a profession, revolves around sharing exquisite love and compassion through caring for the sick and needy. Such experience forms the most excellent source of inspiration, which has consequently elated my compulsion to gain further knowledge through the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse program.
Nursing practice is versatile and significantly influenced by professional skills and personal experiences. While enrolment into a post-graduate mental health program forms the basis for skilled and professional training, I believe individual encounters also have a crucial role. Among the most substantial assets I possess is my resolute and compassionate personality, which I am confident complements my aspiration of becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse. A test of my resilience and compassion came to play when I recently lost a close friend to suicide. Despite the emotional breakdown I suffered from suddenly losing a bosom friend, I was also required to provide support to his family. At that point, I had no option but to brave the situation and help quell the agony, anxiety, and desperation the family was going through by providing adequate psychological support. Later, the family expressed supreme appreciation and contentment for my unmatched help during such a difficult situation. To me, the entire experience was challenging but seeing the family coping well brought an immense feeling of hope, inspiration, and satisfaction.
At a personal level, I have dealt with various anxieties and other emotionally and psychologically draining situations. For instance, I am an immigrant from Ukraine, having moved in 26 years ago. All along, I have withstood the many challenges that are synonymous with all immigrants. However, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has dealt a major blow to my relatives and close friends, with whom I have kept close ties. Living under the fear of the terrors of war has predisposed them to psychological and mental strain, which has called for my continued support. These experiences and my compassionate, long-suffering and consistent character significantly impact my personality, which I believe are helpful in preparation for a nursing profession. Additionally, there has been an influx of immigrants prone to fear, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, who would need adequate psychological and emotional support. The apprehensions induced by COVID-19 are also still in effect, placing a greater need for further care.
Although many life experiences have inexplicably influenced my personality, making it suitable for the nursing profession, I understand that there is always room for improvement. One of my most considerable underdoing qualities is the urge to undertake several tasks concurrently, often losing focus along the way and not giving out the best. I realize that maintaining a focus on specific tasks and making meaningful accomplishments is a critical skill in the nursing profession. To expedite my improvement and address this gap, I am gradually learning to define my goals and set achievable targets for all tasks. Enrolling in the psychiatric nursing program would also be critical in further sharpening my concentration skills and enhancing my ability to pay attention to details.

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