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Personal Statement: College Osteopathic Medicines Mission, Goals And Objectives (Admission Essay Sample)


the client required me to describe how his background, experience and academic program have prepared him for the college of osteopathic medicine's mission, goals and objectives.


Personal Statement
Personal Statement
I am currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas that is (UTD) pursuing a bachelor's degree in arts criminology. I am finalizing my bachelor's degree studies this year and still expect to be graduating by the end of this year. I am a former student of Collin county community college where I was pursuing another degree I associate of science. The Collin county community college was where I began my studies in the United States. Before joining the college, I had done a diploma for my high school studies in Iran.
Therefore I take this chance to make an application in your law school to pursue a course in law. I chose the school because I feel that the school is fit for me and it can take me to my next career. I know the course that I have chosen can help me expand what I have been learning especially in the current course that I am undertaking. My passion has always been to serve people and be there for them when they need help most. Although I have not had the experience to serve as a military officer, I still believe that this school will help me learn more on what I have always wished and helped me serve people and save them as it is my passion.
When applying for an opportunity to join this school I know, I can do so well in this course because what I have been doing has a great relationship to what I want to pursue. My current course that is a bachelor of art in Criminology has helped me know more about the law, and I can very well carry out investigations of those who have done wrong, and this has made me prove that I am intelligent in the line of the law. As an intelligent and an enthusiastic I believe I have the ability to do well on the course since there before I have been an inspiration to my parents and that encouraged them to manage to live in the United States. Personally, I like serving people with justice without favor whether they are family members or not and with this I know I can make it in the course.
Having done a course in criminology, I believe pursuing a law course and making it be the police will not be difficult for me. To add on this, I am very good at decision making and problem-solving. All that added up is giving me go ahead to serve the country nobly in the army. I feel I can make it to the forces and give back to the community as I have been wishing by being their source of help all the time since the job seems to be so diverse. Also, I can stay and work with different people despite our differences I have the ability to understand people well and work with them successfully.
Not only do I have a problem-solving skill but also I am very good at following orders from my seniors and colleagues. When solving problems whenever I am, I try to trace the initial source of the problem first. I then try to understand their varying interests and finally try to create a solution that will work for both. With this, I feel I can be a perfect police officer. I also work with a lot of respect for the seniors and colleagues and with great passion. My ability to work with a team is perfect since I have worked with fellow students at the college and university and this quality is well portrayed by what we did in our school projects that I have been part of. Therefore, this adds more to the qualities of studying law and working as a police officer who deals with many people from different levels and with different issues .To add on all that I have an effective communication skill that even today it enables me to deals with people easily although I am not so good in public speaking which I think does not limit me to the course or the career. As a police officer, I can still make it work effectively without speaking to the public directly.
Being an ambit...
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