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My Dreams for the Future (Personal Statement Sample)


An application essay in apa style to join a writing company


My Dreams for the Future
Geoffrey Otieno
Free University
The future is always unpredictable, but it is human nature to try and organize it so as to get the best possible outcome (Cutrofello, 2005). Like other people I have dreams for the future. One of the things I would like to achieve is establishing my own writing website. In that way, I can manage to get clients to write for, so as to have a steady source of income. However, this endeavor has various challenges that may make it difficult to achieve.
In this paper I discuss some of the difficulties faced by individuals trying to establish their own writing websites. This information will hopefully be helpful to other persons with similar dreams to mine.
Technical Knowhow
It is difficult to run a website without some basic knowledge of how computer programs work. Though it is almost inevitable to hire someone else to do the job of keeping the site up; if the proprietor has no idea what is going on, then that becomes a challenge. The site can even be taken away and the owner’s access blocked (Theriault, 2015). It is thus important to have an idea at least of how to keep the site running, and only consult on the highly technical issues.
Running a site not only requires that a domain is paid for and registered, but that internet access is on 24 hours a day (Theriault, 2015). Such access costs money. If the site is off, then clients, especially those in a different time zone cannot access it easily. Consequently, important clients will be lost.
Running a website 24 hours a day calls for personnel. They can work in day and night shifts. All the personnel must be paid even if the business has not picked up. This calls for money. Moreover, there must be a personnel manager t...
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