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Medical Residency Post-graduate Training Admission Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)


i was to combine resume and personal education to form a statement


Medical Residency Post-graduate Training Admission Personal Statement
Medical Residency Post-graduate Training Admission Personal Statement
Early in life I gained immense interest in the field of medicine and medical studies. My lifestyle has also been linked to the medical field and community support activities that are aimed at enhancing people’s health. Early in my academics, my interest in social issues and medical themes intensified. This interest was partly attributed to my family upbringing and the urge to have a mark in the society. Additionally, my success in academic and the subjects offered at high school, and the university propelled me to seek more knowledge in the field of medicine. I look forward to being acclaimed medical personnel in the world upon completion of masters of public health (M.P.H) degree. Additionally, life is a learning process, and I would like to gain more knowledge on different diseases and get the honorary status of holding a post honorary doctorate in the medical field.
When I began school, I was keen on being the best. My personal attributes of hard work, sincerity, personal discipline and punctuality enhanced my interest for academic. During my high school education, I was among the best students in science related subjects; mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry were my best subjects. Ideally, these four subjects are the core subjects in the field of medicine. Excellence in these subjects acted as a boost to advancing my knowledge, and I did a lot of research on the medical field. Additionally, I used the lesson learnt in class to excel in my university education.
My academic life has been successful due to my social interaction with friends, family members and colleagues. Notably, I am an astute member of different groups and academic clubs affiliated to medical studies. It is through joining clubs and my input in social and medical issue that I have managed to receive awards. I have been a member of the American Medical Student Association since the year 2012. It is through my commitment in academics that I managed to receive the medical school physician diversification scholarship that I am still a beneficiary.
In the medical field, I have great interest in family medicine. Ideally, I am keen on offering the best services to patients. Notably, my interest in family medicine and caregiving services grew as I watched doctors try to cure my epileptic grandfather. The doctors looked determined and worked towards relieving his pain after the head injury sustained after falling. Additionally, my parents were also affiliated to the medical field; my father owned a clinic in Ethiopia. It is through this clinic that I learnt how medical practitioners are instrumental in saving lives. I was not directly involved in the process of diagnosing people but the experience challenged me to be receptive towards life.
The courses and topics taught in medical schools have had an impact in my life. Additionally, these topics and courses have had an impact in my work and the different projects that undertake within the community. As a pharmacy technician for Kroger Pharmacy in the year 2009, I managed to use by academic knowledge of different disease in helping the licensed pharmacists. Additionally, I applied my academic knowledge in giving prescriptions and health-related items to patients. This information was crucial in advancing knowledge and information to the patients. On the other hand, my experience as an enumerator enabled me to meet different people from different households. These meetings were a major step towards learning the social lifestyles of people. In my other experience as a teaching assistance for Kings Brook Jewish Medical Center, I managed to interact with stakeholders in the medical field. The process of impacting knowledge to the attending doctors also acted as a learning process to me.
The medical field is diverse, and it has different professionals. My father was not a certified doctor but he used his experience in handling minor ailments while giving diagnosis. The success of medical practitioners is always celebrated and known once a disease has been controlled. Additionally, people appreciate the work done by doctors and nurses. It is through this appreciation that medical practitioners seek to enhance their research and knowledge of ways of curing many different ailments. Caregivers also give advice and psychological support to patients. It is through such support and therapy that patients’ respond well to drugs. This information and my hands on experience at New York City widened my perspective about the responsibility of doctors in giving Medicare. One lesson learnt through my work in New York City is the fact that the human race is one; there should be no discrimination in giving medical services based on race, social status or even economic capability of the medical recipient. In every medical situation, the goal has to be giving the best care to the patient.
I have also worked with different doctors, surgeons and medical professionals in ...
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