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Personal Statement: Application for Masters (Personal Statement Sample)


Application for masters at Coventry university


Personal Statement
My long term goal is to become a successful, respected and influential journalist in my country. This means that I have to garner all the skills necessary to succeed in Kenya. It is for this reason that I enrolled for a degree in communication and media technology at Maseno University. While there, I specialized in radio and TV production. It was important that I do this since I was taught all that would enable us become good and gathering and disseminating the correct information. Over the years, there have been many changes in the political, cultural and social scenes within the country that have encouraged me to pursue this course further.
I believe that journalism is a very important and instrumental to in fighting vices within a given community. There is currently a lot of tension among various communities in Kenya that have previously led to wars clashes that could have otherwise been avoided. I would like to be part of the solution by finding ways through which cohesion can be realized despite people’s varied opinions politically, culturally and socially.
When I came across the Master of Arts course in Communication, Culture and Media, I felt that this would be the best opportunity get closer to becoming a good journalist. I especially liked the fact that it combines the media, contemporary and other cultures, which I feel will broaden my thinking, thus helping me understand the various cultures that exist not only in my country, but in the rest of the world. With this knowledge, I will not only be able to report well within Kenya, but will also be instrumental in collecting, analyzing and delivering news from many parts of the world, in a manner that will easily be understood. I also intend to come up with various programs and initiatives that will be designed to help in promoting cohesion and peace within my country. This can be done through radio and television programs, as well as working closely with communities to identify their grievances and reporting to the relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations that can offer solutions.
I feel quite suited for this course since I am already halfway through my journey. During my bachelor’s degree, I was taught how to collect news. This involved the proper identification of sources, verification of the information that is received from them as well as the various ways one can approach and convince a source that proves difficult. I was also equipped with proper skills in writing news for both television and radio. That included the proper language that should be used, the various scripting formats and how to identify what is regarded as news and what is not, according to the information gathered in the field. My news collecting skills were further enhanced during my internship at the Kenya News Agency. While here, I would be sent out to the field,

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