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Personal Statement for MSC Prospective Student w/ Personal Experiences (Personal Statement Sample)


the order was to write a personal statement for an MSC prospective student using my personal experiences


I wish to join the University of Glasgow to pursue an MSc in Biomedical Sciences as a steppingstone to a career in academia and research. My academic, professional and personal background has prepared me well to undertake this opportunity. While completing my Microbiology degree, I have also been preparing for a future in Research. I have taken undergraduate content courses, including Immunology, DNA Technology, and Biostatistics. In developing my honor's thesis, "The impact of adhering to medication on the viral load of HIV-1 patients," I looked at how ART (Anti- Retroviral Therapy) adherence affected the HIV copies in blood.
In Nairobi University's Inaugural Career Day Exhibitions, together with a friend I presented a paper on ccr5 Density and HIV Immunity and won the 1st Runners up Prize for our department. In Nairobi University Microbiology Students Association, which I helped revive, I regularly participated in the weekly forum where members gave a five- minute presentation on an assigned topic. In September 2012, I attended the YADSTI (Youth Agency for the Development of Science, Technology, and Innovation) conference at the University of Nairobi. The theme of the event was, "Using Microorganisms to solve common problems in Africa.”
During my second year long- holiday, I turned down an attachment with an allowance offered by Kenya Bureau of Standards for an unpaid internship at a research lab where I paid a fee to be trained. Since completing my Bachelor's degree, I have volunteered in the Kenya Medical Research Institute microbiology research Lab, hoping to get a project for my MSc as a graduate student rather than join my former classmates who have ventured into the lucrative online article-writing business. I have learnt laboratory techniques in PBMC isolation, PCR, gel electrophoresis and ELISA. Since taking up the voluntary position, I have developed organizational skills in order to juggle my academic interests with the need to have a source of income.
The sheer number of probable projects in biomedical research is huge, but among what interests me most is the biology of coinfection and the genetics of some yet to be explained phenomena in immune system infections such as; why do people with the same viral copies present different stages of HIV progression? From the available literature it is clear that the cellular and humoral immune responses in immune system infections have been extensively studied, I believe that it is time we focus on the genetics behind events like antigenic va

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