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Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)

This is my own personal statement. Regards, Nishad. source..
I believe in using my skill-set and aptitude to write industry standard documents. It is my endeavor to pursue the gamut of my innate skill-set that includes: analytical thought process, ability to be focused, unraveling a clear point of view, critical study of the subject matter and excellent presentation. I follow a writing process that starts with ‘choosing the right keywords’ and ends with ‘putting those words into the perspective of knowledge gained about the subject matter’. In order to create a lasting impact on the reader, it is important for me to study the audience and client requirement to the minutest detail. Audience analysis happens at a very subtle yet in-depth level and it also leads us to the theme of the message. Every document I write contains a theme which is presented by the correct usage of my skill-set. The theme is also the blend of the message demystified through subject matter expertise. I am most certain that developing subject matter expertise is a process that one can pursue through application of both writing and reading skills. The subtlest aspects of a subject become visible when I try to present them with the power of written word. My experience in the documentation field has taught me to perceive each writing task with the same zeal and perfection as the earlier one. In other words, I maintain consistent quality across all my writing work. In terms of quality, I confirm that I maintain a balance between creativity and reality. It is important for me to present facts when they are required to be known by the audience. It is equally important for me to be creative with action phrases to enhance th...
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