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Does Ketogenic Diet weaken cancer cells? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


To write a hypothesis and literature review


Does Ketogenic Diet weaken cancer cells?
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Writing Assignment Part 1: Research Question and Hypothesis
Research Question: Does Ketogenic Diet weaken cancer cells?
Hypothesis: I hypothesize that Ketogenic diet weakens the cancer cells since they are metabolically incapable of switching to the ketone bodies, but only surviving on glucose.
Supporting my Hypothesis
Chung, H. Y., & Park, Y. K. (2017). Rationale, feasibility and acceptability of ketogenic diet for cancertreatment. Journal of cancer prevention, 22(3), 127.
The ketogenic diet is an important therapeutic intervention strategy meant to kill the cancer cells selectively. These conclusions were made after research was carried out between 1985 and 2017 using human trials and analyzing the outcomes of the ketogenic diet. The increase in the ketone body was associated with effects such as anthropometric changes, reduction of the TKTL1 that promote the progression of the tumour, and improvement of the serum blood profiles. The Ketogenic diet was therefore concluded to be essential for killing the cancer cells, hence, an important element that should be incorporated in anti-cancer campaigns.
Plotti, F., Terranova, C., Luvero, D., Bartolone, M., Messina, G., Feole, L., ... & Angioli, R. (2020). Dietand Chemotherapy: The Effects of Fasting and Ketogenic Diet on CancerTreatment. Chemotherapy, 65(3-4), 77-84.
Fasting and dietary changes such as the reliance on a Ketogenic diet lead to the reduction of negative effects of adjuvant chemotherapy. A ketogenic diet was reported to mimic the metabolic characteristics of fasting, thus, inducing a physiological rise in acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate, the main circulating keto bodies. From these benefits, there is increased emphasis on the cancer patients taking the keto diet besides fasting. The combination of these intervention measures is specifically important during chemotherapy, among other treatment measures.
Tan-Shalaby, J. (2017). Ketogenic diets and cancer: emerging evidence. FederalPractitioner, 34(Suppl1), 37S.
This study underscored the importance of combining the ketogenic diet with radiotherapeutic options for the improvement of tumour response. The study reported a reduction or a total absence of glucose from diabetic patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. These findings revealed that glucose was used in cancerous areas where it is utilized more than the normal rate. The ketogenic diet is, therefore safe and beneficial for patients with cancer. Combining a ketogenic diet with standard chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic options may help improve tumor response, although more research is needed.
Tran, Q., Lee, H., Kim, C., Kong, G., Gong, N., Kwon, S. H., ... & Park, J. (2020). Revisiting theWarburg effect: Diet-based strategies for cancer prevention. BioMed ResearchInternational, 2020.
Tran et al. (2020) argue that the cancer cells' energy metabolism is dependent on anaerobic glycolysis, as described in the Warburg effect. Anti-cancer strategies have, therefore, been based on the biological process for the reduction of malignant cell growth through dietary changes and drugs. Targeting cancer metabolic processes requires diet based strategies combined with drug treatment as reliable cancer therapy. Tran et al. (2020), thus, proposes that people should rely on the Ketogenic diet for the reduction of the glucose levels. The preventive measure will enhance ketones, among other metabolites interacting with the mitochondrial ATP.
Refuting my Hypothesis
Khodabakhshi, A., Seyfried, T. N., Kalamian, M., Beheshti, M., & Davoodi, S. H. (2020). Doesa ketogenic diet have beneficial effects on quality of life, physical activity or biomarkersin patients with breast cancer: a randomized controlled clinical trial. Nutritionjournal, 19(1), 1-10.
The study utilized a controlled group experiment for a period of six months and concluded that Ketogenic diet did not have an additional benefit for the chemotherapy patients. Although there is interest in the ketogenic diet, Khodabakhshi et al. (2020) concluded that the beneficial effects are lacking despite the overall improvement of the patients’ quality of life.
Sasanfar, B., Toorang, F., Esmaillzadeh, A., & Zendehdel, K. (2019). Adherence to the lowcarbohydr

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