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Cardiovascular biology Health, Medicine Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Sample is about the cardio-vascular Biology.


Cardiovascular biology
Assessment 3
1. Jean-Philippe Desilles, Alteplase Reduces Downstream Micro vascular Thrombosis and Improves the Benefit of Large Artery Recanalization in Stroke; 46:3241–3248, 1 Nov 2015
The aim of this research was to regulate the DMT (Downstream micro vascular thrombosis) timing with intravital imaging. And also to study the theories on the intravenous alteplase infusion may reduce DMT in a cerebral artery. Methods used for the study are cerebral artery obstruction and removal of the block, In vitro platelet accumulation. DMT Imaging, Evaluating neurological deficit, calculating micro vascular patency, assessing plasma fibrinogen level. Dura-sparing craniotomy was used to see the blood cells and fibrinogen. Micro vessels in the brain are clearly visualized and checked for patency. This research finding states that soon after MCAO venous capillaries are accumulated with platelet and leukocyte. Treating with Alteplase reduces the accumulation of platelet and leukocytes when comparing with saline. Exogenous fibrinogen reverses the effects of MCAO. This research covers the action and counteraction of MACO. A limitation in the research is the Visualization of blood vessels is commenced only once after 30 minutes after MCAO. This research study proves that usage of alteplase before Endoscopic third ventriculostomy helps in reuniting large artery. This research was done to find the action of a medication called alteplase.

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