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Clinical Annotated Bibliography: Nurses' Clinical Decision Making Process (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Nurses' Clinical Decision Making Process
Reem, A. D., Kitsantas, P., & Maddox, P. J. (2014). The impact of residency programs on new nurse graduates' clinical decision-making and leadership skills: A systematic review. Nurse education today, 34(6), 1024-1028. The aim of the study they conducted was to have found out the effects of residency programs leadership skills and clinical decision-making of the new graduate nurses. The residency programs have been adopted by various health institutions with the aim of helping the graduates who have recently graduated have a good transition to independent nurses. The evidence of the researchers was enough in making recommendations for practical change as they collected evidence from reliable sources through quite accurate methods (electronic).The methods used could not have affected the results and the results acquired by the research should be used in the quest for improving the medical fraternity in future.
Bacon, C. T., Lee, S. Y. D., & Mark, B. (2015). The Relationship Between Work Complexity and Nurses’ Participation in Decision Making in Hospitals. Journal of Nursing Administration, 45(4), 200-205. The study sought to examine the relationship between the participation of nurses in making decisions with the complexity of work where it was noted that their participation decreases when the complexity of work increases. The researchers used a different method of collecting data from the previous researchers, and the method they used did not have an effect on the outcome of the research. The evidence they used in the research is enough for the recommendation of practical change, and the results are reliable for future studies.
Braddock III, C. H., Fihn, S. D., Levinson, W., Jonsen, A. R., & Pearlman, R. A. (1997). How doctors and patients discuss routine clinical decisions: informed decision making in the outpatient setting. Journal of general internal medicine, 12(6), 339-345. In this research, the center of focus was to characterize the consent that the person in question is informed in the process of basic care in the office practice. The results were that the clinical decisions in the primary care settings did not meet the required part of the informed making of decisions. The method used had an effect on the outcome of the research as the percentage of the participants was not equal although the method used to collect the evidence was reliable. The evidence used in not fully enough for the recommendation of future studies and the method used is different from the one used by the previous researchers.
Cleeland, R. N. (2006). Understanding Disparities in Health Care: Non-Medical Factors Influencing Physicians' Clinical Decision-Making for the Uninsured. The researchers examined the relationship between the variables of the physicians, patient as well as insured and insured patients’ treatment recommendations. The researchers used different methods of collecting data from the other researchers although it only based its research in Georgia. The evidence in the research can be used for future research and can be used for practical change as it has implications for the policy of health care. The tools used in the research might have affected the results as it was only based on a particular area.
Deegan, J. (2013). A view from the outside: Nurses' clinical decision making in the twenty first century. The focus of the research was to bring to various light observations of different nurses. The results showed that views of the new nurses could promote routine practices. The evidence used in the research is reliable and could be used in future to further practical change as it involved the people who take part in real life. The researchers used a different method from the other researchers, and the tools they used had an effect on the results.
Iacobucci, T. A., Daly, B. J., Lindell, D., & Griffin, M. Q. (2013). Professional values, self-esteem, and ethical confidence of baccalaureate nursing students. Nursing ethics, 20(4), 479-490. The major concern of this research was to evaluate the relationship between the self-esteem, nursing values and ethical decision making concerning senior nursing students. The outcome showed that a positive relationship existed their values and self-esteem. The tools used did not have an impact on the results and the evidence used was reliable and suitable. With this regard, it should be used to make practical changes in the medical fraternity. The researchers used a different method as compared with the above researchers, and the results can be used to improve the medicine world to a great extent.
Majid, S., Foo, S., Luyt, B., Zhang, X., Theng, Y. L., Chang, Y. K., & Mokhtar, I. A. (2011). Adopting evidence-based practice in clinical decision making: nurses' perceptions, knowledge, and barriers. Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, 99(3), 229. The researchers of this study sought the attitudes as well as knowledge of the nurses about evidence-based practice and adoption barrier factors. The results showed tendencies of positive attitudes of the nurses although there were obstacles to their adoption. The tools used had an effect on the outcome as the response was about seve...
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