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Measurement in Ambulatory Care and Public Health: NMHCs and HEDIS (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Write an annotated bibliography on the given topic. Include at least five sources in your bibliography


Measurement in Ambulatory Care and Public Health- Annotated Bibliography
Institutional Affiliation
Barkauskas, V., Pohl, J., Tanner, C., Onifade, T., & Pilon, B. (2011). Quality of Care in Nurse-Managed Health Centers. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 35(1), 34-43.
The study by Barkauska and colleagues aimed at evaluating the quality of care in nurse-managed health centers (NMHCs). Nurse managed health centers contribute immensely to the outpatient services offered in the United States. The study is highly valuable to the CQI project because the author not only compared the health care outcomes with the HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) outcomes but also evaluated the feasibility of implementing data reporting system that could be even in the financial-restricted small Nurse-managed health centers. The results of the quality assessment and evaluation indicate that most of the NMHCs meet the HEDIS quality outcomes indicators. For instance, cervical cancer screening was one of the quality outcomes used in the study, and 74% of the NMHSCs were meeting HEDIS quality outcomes indicators.
Brandon, A., Schuessler, J., Ellison, K., & Lazenby, R. (2009). The effects of an advanced practice nurse led telephone intervention on outcomes of patients with heart failure. Applied Nursing Research, 22(4), e1-e7.
A randomized-controlled pretest-posttest trial on the effects of nurse led telephone intervention on health outcomes of Heart failure patients. The study purpose was to measure the effect of simple public health interventions on morbidity and mortality. Twenty participants were randomly allocated to either an experimental group that received the APN-led telephone intervention (ALTI) or a control group that received the standard care in this pretest–posttest study. The results of the study supported the hypothesis that an ALTI positively impacts outcomes of patient with Heart Failure (HF), particularly by improving Self care Behaviors and decreasing hospital readmissions. Thus ALTI deserves consideration to improve outcomes of patients with HF. This is an important resource for the CQI project as it provides a cheaper solution to the only cardiac condition with an increasing prevalence in the United States.
Mangione-Smith, R., DeCristofaro, A., Setodji, C., Keesey, J., Klein, D., & Adams, J. et al. (2007). The Quality of Ambulatory Care Delivered to Children in the United States. New England Journal Of Medicine, 357(15), 1515-1523.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the quality of outpatient care delivered to children in the United States. Comprehensive studies on the quality of health care provided to children are limited. This study is one of the few sources that have extensively evaluated the quality of pediatric health care. The study evaluated the degree to which care processes recommended for pediatric outpatients are delivered. Quality indicators were produced with the utilization of the RAND–UCLA adjusted Delphi technique. Parents and guardians of 1536 kids who were randomly chosen from 12 metropolitan towns gave written and verbal consent to acquire medical records from all the facilities that had cared for the children amid the 2-year period before the date of study enrollment.
According to Mangione-Smith and Co, children in the United States receive less than half (46%) of the recommended care. Preventive care, an important concern of public health stakeholders, was rated the lowest; children received only about 40% of the recommended preventive care services. On the other hand, acute medical conditions and chronic conditions in children were rated more than average- 67% and 53% respectively. This is an important article for the CQI project as it highlights one of the most critical areas of outpatient care that needs improvement.
Mundinger, M., Kane, R., Lenz, E., Totten, A., Tsai, W., & Cleary, P. et al. (2000). Primary Care Outcomes in Patients Treated by Nurse Practitioners or Physicians. JAMA, 283(1), 59.
This is a randomized trial that sought to compare the health care outcomes patients treated nurse practitioners or physicians. This was a randomized trial conducted between August 1995 and October 1997, with patient meetings at 6 months after the initial visit and medical services utilization data recorded at 6 months and 1 year after the first appointment. Four community based health care facilities (17 doctors) and 1 primary health care center (7 nurses) were used to conduct the study.
A sum of 1316 grown-up patients (mean age, 45.9 years; 76.8% female; 90.3% Hispanic) who had no consistent source of medical care were enlisted and randomized with eit...
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