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Homelessness in Canada (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


My paper will be about homelessness in Canada. My aim is to discuss how it has changed over the years as well as its causes and what policies might help prevent homelessness in Canada. Please see attached file on instructions.


Take three of the academic references (journal articles, chapters in books, academic books) that you will be using for your essay. For each of these references write a description of the contents of the reference. You are only summarizing the references, you are NOT commenting on what they have to say. Then explain how you will be using each of these references in your final essay. Each description should be 250 words (for a total of 750 words for the three references). For each 10 words below 225 words or each

10 words above 275 words 1 mark will be deducted.


This assignment will be marked on the following: how well you have summarized the content of the reference, how well you have explained how you will be using the reference in your essay, writing style and organization.


Here is how to structure your Annotated Bibliography:


Start with a two to three sentence description of what your essay will be about. Then give your first reference in a recognized citation style.

Then summarize what’s in the reference and say how you plan to use the reference in your essay (250 words).

Then give your second reference in a recognized citation style.

Then summarize what’s in the reference and say how you plan to use the reference in

your essay (250 words).

Then give your third reference in a recognized citation style.

Then summarize what’s in the reference and say how you plan to use the reference in

your essay (250 words).


Example of what the annotated bibliography should look like.


Statement about essay:


This essay will look at the obesity epidemic in Canada, its causes and what can be done about the problem.


Reference 1: Kelly, B; Halford, J.C.; Boyland, E.J.; Chapman, K.; Bautista-Castaño, I.; Berg, C.; Caroli, M.; Cook, B.; Coutinho, J.G.; Effertz, T.; Grammatikaki, E.; Keller, K.; Leung, R.; Manios, Y.; Monteiro, R.; Pedley, C.; Prell, H.; Raine, K.; Recine, E.; Serra- Majem, L.; Singh, S.; and Summerbell, C. (2010). Television food advertising to children: a global perspective. American Journal of Public Health, 100(9), 1730-1736.


This article documents the extent of junk food advertising on Canadian television and compares Canada to other countries.


Reference 2: etc.


Homelessness in Canada
Student’s name
Institutional Affiliation
This essay will look at the homelessness in Canada. Emphasis shall be laid on analyzing how the homelessness situation has changed over the years as well as its causes. It shall go ahead to explore the policies that might help prevent this situation.
Reference 1: Csiernik, R., Forchuk, C., & Jensen, E. (2011). Homelessness, housing, and mental health: Finding truths--creating change. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press.
This book covers the causes of homelessness in Canada where the number has been growing tremendously in the recent past. The authors are convinced that this situation is largely facilitated by the increase of immigrants who arrive annually from various parts of the world. Most of these people normally find it hard to obtain suitable employment opportunities in Canada thus leading to homelessness since they cannot afford to either rent or buy homes. They always face "downward mobility" and end up finding themselves living at or below the poverty level. The book outlines that the homelessness among this group of immigrants is usually ‘hidden’, where it is normally characterized by involuntary ‘doubling-up’ or shared accommodations or unsuitable rental burdens.
The book suggests that the government of Canada and other stakeholders have to speed up their housing programs to curb the homeless problem. There must be an increase in the amounts allocated for the housing programs to ensure that the supply of such houses is enough for the immigrants and other homeless Canadians. The other mechanism of curbing homelessness is tightening immigration laws to ensure that the number of people come to Canada on immigration status is reduced to reflect the number of homes available in the country. The laws should only allow those refugees who have genuine reasons to move into Canada to reduce chances of having many homeless people. Those who run away from possible political assassinations and refugees from war-torn places should be given top priority when it comes to immigration.
This book shall help in facilitating a comprehensive understanding of homelessness and help in identifying its causes and solutions.
Reference 2: Hulchanski, J. D., Homeless Hub (Online service), Canadian Homelessness Research Network., & University of Toronto. (2009). Finding home: Policy options for addressing homelessness in Canada. Toronto, Ont.: Cities Centre Press.
The book addresses the policy options that are available for curbing homelessness in Canada. The authors argue that the rate of homelessness is being managed effectively though much has to be done by the stakeholders to address the issue fully. The authors try to compare the homeless situation in Canada to the rest of America where they establish that the Canadian situation is among the worst in the entire continent thus the need to find quick solutions. The authors observe that the homelessness situation is not as worst as it was in the previous decade since the rates of the immigrants into Canada is reducing each year thanks to strict immigration laws.
One of the solutions explored in this book is tightening the immigration laws. The authors suggest that the laws should be tight enough to discourage people from immigrating to Canada much easily thus easing pressure on the available homes. The other option is that the immigrants should be allowed to access meaningful employment opportunities that shall help them to get the financial resources that will enable them to rent and or buy homes. They go ahead to urge the government through the housing authorities to fasten the plans of availing cheap but quality housing facilities for the low-income earners to allow them to own homes thus curbing homelessness in Canada.
The book mentioned above shall help in bringing out the causes and solutions to the disturbing issue of homelessness in Canada. It shall also bring out information regarding the homelessness trends as they have appeared for the last few decades.
Reference 3: Kraus, D., Dowling, P., Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation., & Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia. (2003). Family homelessness: Causes and solutions : final report. Ottawa: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
The authors look at homelessness from various points of view where they analyze the contribution of both the families and the government. They are convinced that there are those families that embrace poor financial management traits thus ending up rendering the members homeless. Reckless spending, drug and alcohol addiction, and unreliable jobs are blamed under this argument. The other argument advanced by these authors is that the government has failed again and again in addressing homelessness in Canada. They say that this being the 21st Century,...
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