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Skills, Knowledge, and Practice in the Management of Remote Obstetric Emergencies (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


An annotated bibliography that contains a collection of evidence that support a proposed Project on: Practice Domain - Remote Obstetric Emergencies.


Project Practice Domain: Remote Obstetric Emergencies.
Project: To gain and expand my skills, knowledge, and practice in the management of remote obstetric emergencies.
This annotated bibliography contains a collection of evidence that support my project on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in remote obstetric emergencies management. It includes seven articles that are directly focused on obstetric emergencies training and programs, two that focus on the need for maternity skills/services in the remote areas, and one that shows the statistics and gaps on current maternal health and mortality. The annotated bibliography is arranged alphabetically.
Ameh, C. A., Mdegela, M., White, S., & van den Broek, N. (2019). The effectiveness of training in emergency obstetric care: a systematic literature review. Health policy and planning, 34(4), 257-270.
This systematic literature review looks at the effectiveness of training in emergency obstetric care. This review involved 101 studies. This review found out that there is a strong evidence for improved clinical practice among healthcare workers who train in emergency obstetric care. Improvement in clinical practice included measures such as adherence to emergency protocols, communication and team work, and resuscitation techniques. Knowledge and skills in emergency obstetrics leads to improved neonatal outcomes including reduced incidences of hypoxia, hypothermia, and less trauma after shoulder dystocia. This review found out that emergency obstetric care training leads to a reduction in post-partum haemorrhage cases, fatality rates, and stillbirths. This review came to the conclusion that short competency-based training in emergency obstetric care results in significant improvements in healthcare provider competence, knowledge and skills, and leads to change in clinical practice.

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