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Evaluating the Topic "The Surrendering of Japan " (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated bibliography
The topic "The Surrendering of Japan "


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The Surrendering of Japan
Bernstein, Barton J. "Compelling Japan's Surrender Without the A-bomb, Soviet Entry, or Invasion: Reconsidering the US Bombing Survey's Early-Surrender Conclusions." The Second World War. Routledge, 2017. 437-484.
Barton Bernstein composed this source. The author is a professor of history at the University of Stanford. The author is also an important figure at the International Relations Program and International Policy Studies Program, where he acts as co-chair. He attained his Ph.D. level at Harvard University. The author has written several other pieces, such as The Truman Administration and Twentieth-Century America: Recent Interpretations, among others. The document was composed in 2017 when there was high hostility between the USA and Iran, and there were fears of a second world war and subsequently, a nuclear war. Due to tensions between these countries, the author was motivated to reflect on what happened in 1945 when the USA attacked Iran using the atomic bombs. The author uses the phrase "surrendering without a bomb" to show that the USA and Iran could deal with their issues without war, and war must not involve destructive weapons. 
The document raises a different viewpoint about the bombing of Japan, contrary to what the US army generals thought at that time. The explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was pure crap from a military point of view because it did not play any decisive part in the defeat of the Japanese army. There was no pressing military necessity for the bombing of Japan since most of their allies were already defeated. Therefore, the USA and USSR could have employed a sizeable military intervention to defeat Japan. The bombing led to the death of hundreds of thousands of Japanese within seconds. There is no moral reason for killing such a large number of people, while there were other options that could have led to the defeat of Japan with fewer lives lost. The source did not change any historical events since it was written several years after the war occurred.   
Butow, Robert Joseph Charles, and Edwin Oldfather Reischauer. Japan's decision to surrender. No. 24. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1954.
Japan's Decision to surrender book was written by Robert J. C. Butow, and Edwin Reischauer Oldfather. Robert J. C. Butow was a lecturer at the University of Washington and UW's Jackson School of International Studies in the Department of History for almost thirty years since 1960. Being scholar of history, he is known for his great tactful effort to avoid the war in 1941 and the end of war in 1945. He was a diplomat in the history of United States and Japan relations. Japan's Decision to surrender book was his first published book. He published other books such as Tojo and the Coming of the War and The John Doe Associates: Backdoor Diplomacy for Peace.  

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