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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY; DECISION-MAKING. Life Sciences (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


my topic is decision making, i need a paper annotated bibliography on this. Thank you


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Annotated bibliography
Gear, T., Shi, H., Davies, B.J. and Fets, N.A., 2017. The impact of mood on the decision-making process. Euro-Med Journal of Business, 12(3), pp.242-257.
In this article, Gear et al., (2017; 242-257) conducted an analysis on the influential factors that can affect the decision-making process with the aim of exploring and analysing how contextual aspects, emotional influences, micro-cognitive, as well as relational aspects affected the decision-making in organizations. The authors collected data through the use of 16 semi-structured interviews with the top-level managers from three Arabian commercial banks.
Their research was majorly focusing on gaining a comprehensive insight of personal, as well as relational phenomena of the bank's directors (especially during the decision-making process). From this article, the authors found that context-specific macro-factors had a substantial outcome on the emotional state of the strategic decision makers. This emotional influence impacted most of the decision makers to adopt the use of rational tactics instead of utilizing intuitive ruling to make strategic decisions in an organization.

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