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Bibliography on Impacts of Immigration on the U.S Economy (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


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Type of paper Annotated bibliography
Sources : 10
Paper detail: Immigration impact on US economy
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Impacts of Immigration on the U.S Economy
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Annotated Bibliography
Amadeo, K. (2017). How Does Immigration Affect the Economy and You?
Retrieved from
This article talks about the benefits that immigrants have on the US economy. It included an evaluation of President Trump's immigration plan and how it might affect the economy. This is a good source since it touches on the current state of affairs. It will be useful in providing insight into the effects of immigration today.
Bolin, T. (2003). The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Immigration.
Retrieved from /uc/item/item/0xr4267w.
This article examines whether or not the immigrants contribute less or more to the economy of the US. It also looks at how immigrants contribute to the taxes used up in the provision of public services that they utilize. This is a credible source of information as it was prepared for the Institute for Research on Labour and Employment. It can be useful since it provides statistical data on immigration and its effects.
Borjas, G. (2013). Immigration and the American Worker: A Review of the Academic
Literature. Center for Immigration Studies. Retrieved from
This paper is a review of other academic literature that touches on how immigration affects the US labor market and the economy at large. The author of this article is an expert in the economy; this makes it a credible source.
Camarota, S. (2017). The Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Immigration on the United
States. Center for Immigration Studies. Retrieved from
This is an article that discusses the effects of immigration on the average size economy, wages, employment, and the natives. It is useful as it presents statistical data on the various aspects of the economy.
Kerr, W., & Kerr, S.P. (2011). Economic Impacts of Immigration: A Survey. Havard
Business School.
The paper includes a survey of the studies on how immigration affects the economy in the US. This includes surveys on immigration and the labor market, its impact on the public finances and the economy, among others. It is a good source of information since it provides an evaluation of surveys and studies that have been carried out on the topic.
Peri, G. (2010). The Effect of Immigrants on US Employment and Productivity. FRSSF
Economic Letter.
This paper examines the effects of immigration in terms of income and economic output of each immigrant worker.
Smith, N. (2017). Immigrants are Making the US Economy Stronger.
Bloomberg View. Retrieved from
The author argues that immigrants have a positive effect on wages, innovations, business, and other aspects of the US economy. It is a credible source that includes comments from a well-known economy analyst.
Soergel, A. (2016). The Economic Costs of Immigration. US News. Retrieved from
This article explains that immigration has a positive effect on the economy of the U.S. It provides a different perspective on the topic.
Tan, A. (2016). Without Immigrants, the US Economy Would be in Disaster.
Abc News. Retrieved from
This is an evaluation of the effects of immigrants on the economy and how the immigration reforms would affect the economy. This article touches on the immigration policies that are being pursued by the current government; this makes it a good source when it comes to relating the topic with ongoing issues.
Office of the Legislative Auditor. (2006). The Economic Impacts of
Immigrants. Minnesota.

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