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Literature Review: Hispanic Leaders Strategies for Success (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


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Hispanic Leaders: Strategies for Success
Literature Review Resources
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Prindeville, D. (2002). A comparative study ofnative American and Hispanic women in grassroots and electoral politics. Frontiers: A Journal Of Women Studies, 23(1), 67.
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Prindeville’s article involves a comparative study focusing Hispanic and Native American females and their role in politics. The author explores some of the issues faced by this group in their attempt to engage in the political realm and notes that considerably few literature works have touched on this important subject. The article identifies New Mexico as the area of study. More so, there exists a gap in literature as women representation in grassroots leadership varies with respect to demographic composition. As it were, the author seek to explore the manner in which literature has represented this group and answer emerging questions such as the manner in which demographic characteristics of public officials and grassroots activists compare. The focus of the article is to make out the similarities and divergences existing among women in public office and those in grassroots leadership. The author concludes that native and Hispanic women enter the political sphere out of necessity rather than choice. The findings are intended to contribute to the growing literature on the politics of Hispanic as well as Native American women.
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Jackson, J. L., & Phelps, L. A. (2004). Diversity in the two-year college academic workforce. New Directions For Community Colleges, (127), 79-88.

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The work by Jackson and Phelps focuses on the issue of diversity in two-year learning institutions, which have seen a considerable shift in diversity of stakeholders including students and faculty. Specifically, the authors want to find out if trends in hiring, retention, as well as promotion of persons of color has kept abreast with student enrollment. This includes an exploration of recorded data to compare the proportion representation of this group, which is crucial to informing policy as well as practice in two- year colleges. The study utilized primary data sources to inform its findings, which evidences the reliability of its outcomes. The author’s findings raised questions regarding the balance of academic and faculty leaders of color to students of color in these institutions. Thus, several strategies are proposed to address the issue including establishment of study fellowships for non-white graduate learners.

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Rocha, R. R., &Wrinkle, R. D. (2011). Gender, ethnicity, and support for bilingual education: Will just any woman or Latino do? A contingent “No”.Policy Studies Journal, 39(2), 309-328.

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The article focuses on the issues of ethnicity, gender, as well as support for bilingual education. In particular, the article notes that it remains unclear if minorities can reap rewards from the presence of all women or women of color despite claims that can benefit out of the presence of female legislators. Indeed, the article identifies political theorist S. Dovi as having argued that descriptive representation as increasingly likely to be effective in the presence of strong relationships with disposed subsets of disadvantaged groups. The article proposes that an outcome of Dovi’s claim is that women of color are more effective descriptive representative than males. Upon testing the hypothesis in Texas school districts, the article concludes that the presence of Latina board personnel leads to increased support levels. This counters the idea that the presence of non-Latina female board members may lead to substantive representation of Latinas.

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Diaz, L. M. (2012). Hispanic leadersfor the larger community: surge in the Hispanic populationcreates opportunities for increased diversity and inclusiveness. California Western Law Review, 48(2), 425-429.

HYPERLINK ""Https://’s work notes that a seismic shift in demographics has been happening around the United States and Hispanics have emerged as the largest growing group of the population. This has coincided with substantial increase in the number of minority students entering learning institutions. Diaz notes that this development has made the issue of promoting and encouraging inclusivity in learning institutions all more significant. In fact, providing minority students with opportunities is critical to achieving the overarching desire for an inclusive community. Diaz claims that the influence of Hispanics in political and business matters has been slow but steady, as evidenced through their leaders such as M. Martinez as well as M. Rubio to Senate seats. It follows that across the United States efforts need to be doubled as the Hispanic population explodes to ensure that this group is adequately represented in key matters including business, politics, and the legal profession. Through his position as dean of a law school, Diaz states that his goals revolve around encouraging the diverse student population to be inclusive, as this is crucial to creating a community that is rich in cultural diversity.

Bibliographic Information
Corry, M. (2016). Hispanic or Latino student success in online schools. International Review Of Research In Open & Distance Learning, 17(3), 251-261.

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This work examines the issues of graduation as well as dropout rates for Latino or Hispanic K-12 learners enrolled in Arizona’s online and blended public schools. The author identifies online learning as continuing to expand throughout K- 12 learning settings, and a number of areas have emerged as warranting research to aid stakeholders as well as policy makers. In fact, such research can add to online learning to contribute to overall student success. As an example, the author identifies the influence of delivery method as well as type of learning institution, which are some of the key determinants in online education success. This becomes even more significant when underrepresented minority groups are considered because of the achievement gaps existing between them and their non-minority counterparts. The author goes a step further through examining the schools by either a public or non-public charter types. The article found a statistically important difference when utilizing multivariate examination to explore school type and delivery technique on areas of graduation and dropout rates.
Bibliographic Information
Crisp, G., & Nora, A. (2010). Hispanic Student Success: Factors Influencing the Persistence and Transfer Decisions of Latino Community College Students Enrolled in Developmental Education. Research in Higher Education, (2). 175.

HYPERLINK ""Https:// and Nora present a study examining the influence of a group of theoretical predictor variables on the perseverance and transfer of Hispanic learners in community college colleges. This includes such factors as socio-cultural capital as well as environmental pull factors, which are central to supporting Latino students in their education. Indeed, these represent some of the key factors that act in support of students’ commitment to a learning institution as well as earning a degree. The authors note that Latino students need to have a positive experience during their education to aid them in their quest to get a proper education. This includes the fact that past studies have predicated positive correlation between such factors as social capital and student persistence. The authors conclude that proper social as well as financial support is crucial to ensuring persistence among this group. In addition, the authors cite the need for Latino students to e...
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