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Annotated Bibliography on Human Resource Leadership (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated BIBLIOGRAPHY on human resource leadership

Annotated Bibliography.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Abernathy, L. (2014). 8 Steps to Strategic Contribution. Enriching Leadership International.
Abernathy writes about eight steps to strategic contribution. She highlights that without the eight steps to strategic contribution, the organization cannot run smoothly and attain its mission. The eight systems to strategic contributions contribute to the purpose statement. If the IT solutions provider uses the eight steps to implement a strategic contribution, the profits of the company, market share, and the size of the organization will increase. Therefore, this article by Abernathy is crucial, and a success-oriented organization must implement its content.
Cardenas, H. (2016). HR Metrics and Their Impact on Business. Chron.
Cardenas writes about the importance of measuring human resource performance as it adds values to clarification of information needed in making the right decisions about the human workforce. The article points out various common areas of human resource that are reported by metrics. They include turnover, employee engagement, measurement plans, and performance among others. This article contributes to the purpose statement as it highlights the effects of metrics in an organization. Productive employees will increase the revenue, and deliver quality services.
Deutsch, K. (2015). The Functional Areas of Human Resources. New Focus HR, 1-3.
This article by Kristen focuses on the critical functional areas of human resource. He highlights various fields such as recruiting and staffing, benefits, employee relations, Competition, HR Compliance, training and development, Human Resource Information Systems and Payroll. More so, this article focuses on the duties of the HR personnel in the various functional areas. Efficient performance of duties in the functional area will contribute to the high performance of the organization. Kristen also writes on the qualities of a good and effective Human Resource Generalist. This paper contributes to the purpose statement as it provides relevant information on employees training and development which if implemented with making the organization meet its objectives.
Foxall, D. (2015). 5 Tips to Boost Your HR Credibility. Maximum HR.
Foxall (2015) writes about the tips to boost HR personal Credibility. He argues that, despite the critical role played by Human Resource Department, its function is not well respected in an organization. He outlines intangible outputs as one of the reasons as to why the HR function is not well respected. The competence and skills of employees play a significant role in the performance and productivity of a business. A credibility gap in an organization should be bridged to ensure that the customers receive better services, and the employees are productive. This article contributes to the purpose statement since it gives tips on how to boost human resource credibility which consequently improve the IT solutions provided by the respective organization.
Lavinsky, D. (2013). Strategic Plan Template: What To Include In Yours. Forbes.
The lavinsky article helps in understanding the format required for a strategic plan. The key components of a strategic plan are highlighted. As a result, it contributes to the research paper in that, it gives the required format of the document.
Savkin, A. (2015). The Best HR KPIs Aligned With Company Strategy. BSC Designer.
Savkin writes about the best HR key Performance indicators that a company can implem...
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