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Assignment-Terrorism: Homeland Security After Bombing 9/11 (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


this research was on annotated bibliography! the client wanted me to discuss a few articles.

Assignment-Terrorism: Homeland Security After Bombing 9/11


Clovis, Samuel. "Promises Unfulfilled: The Suboptimization of Homeland Security National Preparedness." Homeland Security Affairs 4, Article 3 (October 2008). /articles/116
The article commences by underscoring the high detail that has been attached to the Homeland Security after the bombing of 9/11. It brings forth the antagonism that has permeated the Federal government and the State. This is mainly because of their differing approaches to Homeland Security and the stances both states have adopted in the implementation of Homeland security policies. The particular article touches on legislations that have been enacted as a result of the strong focus on Homeland Security and how their implementation is to be effected.
The legislations in perspective include the Homeland Security Act 2002, National Homeland Security Strategy and the Homeland Security Presidential Direction. The Homeland Security Act is the seminal legislation while the rest only provide Policy Guidelines to the Federal and State Governments (Carafano).
Also, the article lists the departments that are in charge of implementing these policies. The department whose role has been so much interrogated is the Homeland Security that became fully operational in the year 2003 under the Executive arm of government. The article outlines the challenges that face the department in its operations and the legislative changes aimed at improving its services. Moreover, it evaluates the effectiveness of these changes in the functionality of the Homeland Security Department.
The role Congress plays in the implementation of policy is canvassed in the article. Notably, the role of Congress in combating terrorism is explored. The paper is emphatic that Congress the supervisory role over the Homeland Security Department has been the mandate of Congress. The article examines this role deeply (Mills).
Key quotations:
"A series of "foundational" documents began to populate the homeland security policy arena after 9/11. Along with the seminal legislation found in the Homeland Security Act of 2002 came a series of documents such as the National Homeland Security Strategy and Homeland Security Presidential Directives providing policy guidance to federal, state, and local governments.”
"The national government, however, has remained focused primarily on acts of terror. This divergence in perspective has led to ever-increasing tensions between the federal government and state and local governments when policies related to homeland security national preparedness are at issue.”
The article provides a broad understanding of the legislative framework that regulates the Homeland Security Department. It’s an eye opener on the historical development of the legislations and the challenges they have successfully solved as well as those that they have not been so successful in solving (Mills). It gives information on institutions tasked with implementing homeland security and their performance thus far. The article also examines the important question of political and its effects on implementation.
Russell, Brenda, and John Purcell. Online Research Essentials: Implementing and Designing Research Studies. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009. Print.
Online Research Essentials: Implementing and Designing Research Studies is a book targeting to equip students research skills. It deals extensively with carrying out of online research and provides students with practical skills in planning, creating, testing and deploying online research. In the book, there is also a simple but detailed explanation of how to analyze information acquired. Further, useful programs that aid the achievement of effective online research are also explained in the book (Krane). The dos and don’ts of online research and the tricks that enable a researcher have an easy time in the course of research are also given.
The book also clears the air on some issues that present difficulties during research. Of particular concern is the scientific method of research which is sometimes hard for the students to understand. It also explains research designs in unequivocal and unambiguous terms. Most importantly, it outlines the ethical issues to be taken into consideration in the course of research (Krane). Finally, the book offers guidance on how research ought to conduct online research without breaching internet rules
Key quotations:
"That is why it is important to consider two key things carefully when deciding your study. First, will the measurement you choose enable you to answer your research question or hypothesis in a valid manner? Second, because the measurement you choose will dictate which statics you can use, will the scale of measurement you choose enable you to examine statistically the outcome of your study as you intended?”(14)
"Ethics should be considered when planning, conducting, interpreting and reporting the contents of your research (Cozby, 2001). For example, supposing you were asked to assess the general well-being of employees and to recommend programs that could enhance employees health insurance cost. You would need to consider all research questions being careful not to harm potential participants for the study.”(19)
This work proves useful in providing guidance as to how to efficiently conduct online research. The findings of this study will depend to a large extent on the information gotten from research. The research that will be employed will by large be online research (Baker). With the guidance of this work, it is easy to get accurate results and also analyzes the results correctly.
Herrmann, Jeffrey W. Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security. New York: Springer, 2013. Print.
The book deals with the application of operation research models in homeland security models .it explores the art of employing research models to prevent terrorism by early detection. The book has a collection of articles that contain responses strategies to natural and malicious threats to public security and happiness. It brings to light the importance of the power of operation research in organizations in planning for and responding to natural disasters, terrorist attack, and public health emergencies.
The book gives an insight to policy makers and decision makers as to what operation research models can do and its relevance to their particular concerns (Bardach). It outlines steps to be followed involved in dealing with the problem faced. The four steps give the concerned party a well-structured method of applying operation research in providing solutions to security issues and others kinds of problems.
Key quotations:
"this chapter describes how to assess the vulnerability of operational system by using interdiction models we do so in the context of four application from the literature: delaying an adversary development of a first nuclear weapon; understanding vulnerability in electricity power system; locating sensors to rapid detect ant illicit contaminant injected into a municipal water system; and locating radiation system to detect a nuclear smuggle." (73)
"monitoring and patrolling are an essential component of law enforcement in security domains generating schedules off or this patrols, it is important to account for varying weights of the target being protected as well as the fact that potential attackers can often observe procedure being used. This chapter describes scheduling assistants for the LAX police, ARMOR, and the FAMS IRIS, which provide game theoretical solutions to this problem.”(70)
The book makes significant contributions to the research. It is important because it give actual solutions to the problem under research. Furthermore, an explanation of how to combat and prevent terrorism is given (Bardach). Mostly, it recognizes that the research should bring out solutions to the terrorism problem. The book also hints at the direction that research should take.
Congress and the Nation 2001-2004: Politics and Policy in the 107th and 108th Congresses. Washington: Congressional Quarterly Service, 2006. Print.
This book points out the challenges that insecurity posed in America especially in the reign of George W Bush. It outlines how Bush Congress struggled to confront and at times benefit from the then rampant insecurity. Congress both failed and succeeded in some instances. Additionally it states that Bush and the Republicans gained a lot from the whole quagmire in the short run. (Derthick)The book underscores the effects that the September 11 attack had and how the measures taken after that affected the general population and governance of America.
The attack changed how the politics of America played out. It provided a diversion from the domestic issues all focus was drawn on measures of combating terrorism and preventing future attacks. During this time, the Congress passed several legislations to help fight terrorism and prevent future attack it is then that homeland security department was established (Derthick). The legislature agreed to increase funding to fight terrorism but turned down the request to turn down some measures suggested by the Bush administration.
Key quotation:
"(Sec. 104) Authorizes the Attorney General to request the Secretary of Defense to provide assistance in support of Department of Justice (DOJ) activities relating to the enforcement of Federal criminal code (code) provisions regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction during an emergency situation involving a weapon (currently, chemical weapon) of mass destruction”
"(Sec. 203) Amends rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCrP) to permit the sharing of grand j...
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