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US Politics Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


us politics


Annotated Bibliography
The United States of America is among the nations with the richest heritage and culture. The success or the current position of the US is owed to a series of challenges and shortcomings. They preserved the differences and were able to overcome their challenges. However, some of the challenges that greatly affected the nation are still issues causing unrest in the country. Racism is one of these issues. The civil war that involved the Confederates and government that was in the North, the war emerged as a result of conflict in ideology between the two sides. While the North believed in the freedom of the people, the South was in support of slavery.
The controversy of the Confederate flag is one of the most inflammatory icons of the American culture. It even has a significance presence abroad. What is it that exactly makes people feel so strongly regarding the emblem of a regional entity that stopped existing over 130 years ago? What is the relevance that such a symbol has in the society we are living in today? Is there any insight into our culture that we can gain by examining such icons as the Confederate Flag? Looking into the bibliography of the Confederate Flag tries to resolve this questions.
The Confederate Flag that still flies high above the South Carolina Statehouse flie in a vacuum. Its purpose and meaning are not defined by law. Due to this, any group or individual can give the flag whatever meaning it chooses. Some people can take it as a racist tool just as it has been seen, and others can take it solely as a symbol for racism, just as they have.
McLeod, H. (2015). Battle Over Confederate Flag Unravels Across The South. The Huffington Post. Retrieved 31 October 2015, from /2015/06/23/battle-over-confederate-f_n_7649710.html
Flags are forms of symbolism that have a particular message to a specific group of people. One, s people message can be the other community’s rag. The meaning of a flag is only understood by the people prescribed to the philosophy of the flag. The Confederate flag is one of the flags that experience such a situation. There are at least three different flags with varying shapes of the symbolism. Symbolism is liberal, and each group of people is owed to their unique explanation. One might wonder why an issue that was established over a century ago is still vibrant in the modern USA especially in the South.
The article provides a basis that explains the grounds for controversy in the Confederate flag. There are three different flags that mean there are at least three different messages communicated by the same Confederate flag. The article explains the source of the controversy in the Confederates' flag.
Carter, J. (2015). 9 Things You Should Know About the Confederate Flag Controversy- The Gospel Coalition. Retrieved 31 October 2015, from /article/9-things-you-should-know-about-the-confederate-flag-controversy
The Confederate flag is not what most of the people either supporting or against the flag know. What is referred to as the Confederates flag was the military flag for the state of California. Moreover, during the era of the Confederates state, there were three flags that were designed by three different people. Currently, the three flags are used interchangeably to refer to the same issue. Additionally, several states in the US are inspired by the design or the message of the confederates Sates of America. However, only the state of Mississippi still has the original message and design of the battle flag.
The article helps in identifying how different states in the US are still using the emblem of the Flag. Moreover, the flag also portrays a different message. It is deemed a military flag yet the people are no longer at war. Therefore, the article helps establish the two main sources of controversy concerning the flags.
Morrison, A. (2015). Confederate Flag Controversy: More US Schools Consider Bans On Display Of Southern Symbol As Charleston Unveils New Policy. International Business Times.
An incident of a white man going on a rampage and shooting blacks in a church has spurred a lot of reaction concerning the Confederate flags. Some officials want the removal of the flag or its emblem in public schools. On the other hand, a section of the people especially pro-confederates are of a different opinion. They believe that the flag is a symbolism of their history and honor to the people who struggled during the civil war. According to them, the emblem should be maintained in the schools especially in the Southern states of the country.
The article is useful to the paper because it provides a basis of the conflict between people as a result of the flags. The rampage that led to the shooting of black Christians might have been agitated by the absence of the flag in the said church. Therefore, helps in portraying the conflict between white people and whites in the US concerning the Confederate flag.
Esposito, L. (2014). Confederate Flag Controversy. ABC-CLIO, LLC.
While the US celebrates at least 130 years since their independence, the effects of the civil war are still fresh in the Southern region of the nation. A shooting in one of the southern states has caused the politicians to lobby for the removal of the Confederate flag in state offices. Moreover, some TV shows have also been stopped due to the presentation of the flags in one of their characters or the props used in the movie. However, there is no direct relationship between the flags and the state of conflict within the southern part of the nation (South Carolina), politicians suggest otherwise. Moreover, some of the politicians have called for the renaming of streets that honored military confederates.
The article is useful in portraying the controversy of the flag regarding entertainment and even infrastructure. The calling of renaming some of the streets that were named after military confederates is baseless. One of the paper's objectives is to show the difference in perceptions between those supporting confederates and those opposing it.
Henderson, N. (2015). Inside the battle over the Confederate flag - CNN. Retrieved 31 October 2015, from
After one confessed killer emerged holding the flag, there has been uproar for the removal of the flag. Politicians have avoided mentioning their stands as far as removal or support of the flag is concerned. Most of the politicians are quiet because they do not want to lose supports by taking stands. The situation is critical since the elections are around the corner. Therefore, politicians that support the flag will lose support from those proposing the flag.
The article is useful in the paper because it helps elaborate the tension between the proposers and those against the flag. Those opposing the flag claim that it stands for racism. On the other hand, those that support the flag claim they are honoring their past and keeping the heritage. Politicians are the cause of the controversy, and they escalate the situation by failing to state their stand as far as the controversy is concerned.
COSKI, J. M. (2015). Embattled BANNER. Civil War Times, 54(5), 30-35.
South Carolina state house is the only state house in the USA that still hoists the Confederate flag. Moreover, it is also the only state that fails to recognize Martin Luther King's birthday as a holiday. Instead is also the only state that still honors the Confederates heroes day. To their defense they claim that hoisting of the flag and the variation regarding holidays is a form of honor to their heritage. However, the Flag was first hoisted at the state house in 1962 during the civil right movement. The essence of the flag was to communicate white supremacy despite the developing civil rights movement.
The article reveals clearly the tension in South Carolina pertaining to the essence of the Confederate flag. The article is useful in the paper because it helps in clearly identifying the role of the Confederate flag in South Carolina. It helps in establishing the cause of conflict between the white and black people as a result of the Confederate flag.
Dove, T. (2015). Confederate flag controversy: History is not just the world at its worst. Star Tribune. Retrieved 31 October 2015, from /confederate-flag-controversy-history-is-not-just-the-world-at-its-worst/313411071/
The Confederate States of America also called the Confederacy of the CSA has never perceived lightly the result of the civil war. They were in support of slavery and were in disagreement with the abolitionist. The abolitionist believed in fair treatment of Human beings irrespective of their skin color or their origin. On the other hand, the Confederates' believed that black people were inferior to the whites. As a result, they were supposed to be under the control or rule of the whites. After the war, the Confederates did not concede because they saw reason in the cause of the abolitionists but because they were overpowered.
The article is useful in the study because it helps in the establishment of the cause of the controversy or disagreement about the flag. The article enables the establishment of the fact that the war was not over as a result of reason but due to suppression by the superior party. It also highlights the existence of three distinct flags by different designers that have also caused confusion in the line of heritage.
Yandoli, K. (2015). Let's Stop Pretending the Confederate Flag Isn't a Symbol of Racism. The Huffington Post. Retrieved 31 October 2015, from /krystie-yandoli/confederate-flag-racism-debate_b_3876157.html
The argument whether the flag is a form of patriotism or racism is an issue in the Southern States of the US. The flag is not common in most of the stat...
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