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Annotated Bibliographies (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Write 150 words annotated bibliography to each article. 450 in total. The following elements must be included in your annotated bibliography: (Those are general requirements, it doesn't mean that all of them apply to this bibliography) 1. Your name, date, class and instructor, (you can skip this one) 2. A clearly stated descriptive title, 3. The minimum number of each type of source indicated in the assignment criteria, 4. A short introductory paragraph that describes the relationship between the topic, your major (my major as a social worker) and Native American Studies, 5. Your annotated bibliography, 6. Entries should have 150 words each. 7. Entries should be ordered alphabetically by author (or by title, if there is no author), not simply enumerated in some otherwise random order, 8. A short concluding paragraph that describes the current status the topic and how an interdisciplinary approach between your major and Native American Studies can add to the overall understanding of the topic, and, 9. Page numbers. The code of ethics is attached so u know what to reference when writing the concluding paragraph for the annotations. But you don't actually have to reference it in the annotation, it is just there to give you a better understanding of why it relates to my major since that is the conclusion paragraph of the annotations. source..
Student's Name Professor's Name Subject Title: English Due Date Annotated Bibliographies Patients' Diversity Is Often Discounted Shankar, Vedantam. Patients' Diversity Is Often Discounted: Alternatives to Mainstream Medical Treatment Call for Recognizing Ethnic, Social Differences. Washington Post Staff 26, 2005; A01. Author Vedantam conducts research in the United States of America. Many people are affected by depression, schizophrenia, a deficit of attention, and bipolar disorder. Psychiatrists not only write prescriptions to Native Americans only while their fingers are closed but much more people from different races. Brain mechanisms and genetics are factors that psychiatrists should consider during the evaluation of the diseases. Culture too determines the body weight of an individual. Insurance companies have come in to help patients pay for the drugs and diagnosis of the diseases. Advancements in technology and social economies are reducing the medical approaches to the psychiatrists to the increasing norm of the diseases around the word. As a measure to curb the spread of the diseases, the youth is encouraged to have a study on how ethnicity and culture have an influence towards the illnesses and discover new ways of treatment. The number of the Blacks affected with the diseases is of less significance because it is very small. From Sociocultural Categories to Socially Located Relations: Using Critical Theory in Social Work Practice Elizabeth, King K. From Sociocultural Categories to Socially Located Relations: Using Critical Theory in Social Work Practice. King K, in the "From Sociocultural Categories to Socially Located Relations" explains why the social work in the United States has complications and misunderstandings. The differences in social behaviors are as a result of the immigration that took place. Most of the settlers in the land of America are not natives. Interaction requires both forming and informing the people of what is taking place. The social workers are mindful in the performing duty. The author describes that when one is looking for health services, the compatibility of culture is ignored and assumed to be that of the United States culture because of the location. Measure to break the social boundaries includes attempts to diminish negative and non-constructive behaviors among the people. Instilling the knowledge to the children while young they will learn to associate well and tackle issues as one people other than separating on cultural issues. A clear sense of flexibility should be taught to the young generation so as to learn and understand how to socialize with people from all social ethics. A Vision of Reviving Tribal Ways in a Corner of California ...
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