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Health, Medicine, Nursing
Article Critique
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Synopsis and Summary Health, Medicine, Nursing Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


Synopsis and Summary: 100-200-word description of the articles basic content.
3. General Theme: A brief statement (100-200 words) about what you felt was the author's
general theme of the article.
4. Point of View- A brief statement (100-200 words) about what you felt concerning the
author’s point of view-Was the presentation objective and factual or was the presentation
subjective and lacking facts? Explain your opinion.
5. Issue Analysis: Provide a list of the issues presented in the article.
6. Conclusions and Recommendations: List of author’s conclusions and/or
recommendations, do you agree or disagree; provide a brief justification regarding your opinion
concerning your agreements and disagreements.
7. Professional Projections: A 50-75-word statement on what you learned from the article
and how you may apply this experience (negative or positive) in your future career.
8. Write one discussion question related to the article and topic you have chosen and
9. Cite at least three research article in support of the main article.


Article Critique
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Article Critique
Synopsis and Summary
The article highlights the growing prevalence of mental disorders among the military personnel and the growing need for concern towards mental healthcare in the military. The article also highlights the need to develop an integrated guideline-concordant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) care given to the military personnel. The research study employs a two - parallel randomized study design that evaluated the effectiveness of the twelve-month primary care program provided to patients (military personnel) who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The fundamental hypothesis discussed in the research study discusses that the Central Assistance for Collaborative Telecare (CACT) is much superior to the regular or standard integrated mental healthcare for improving depression and post-traumatic stress during primary care.
The article discusses the necessity and framework of the collaborative care system as the most viable method of providing quality and positive health outcomes for patients. The research study had some limitations, such as utilizing self-reported data, since the participants in both groups always left the military and its healthcare system. However, the article concludes that the Central Assistance for Collaborative Telecare (CACT) with the incorporation of stepped psychosocial management showcased significant improvements in the patients' outcomes suffering from depression and PTSD among the military personnel while receiving primary care.

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