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Critiquing A Quantitative Research Article Medicine Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


Critiquing Research Studies Choose one of the following research articles to critique. Use the critique guidelines provide for a quantitative or qualitative research to write your critique. BE SURE to use the correct guideline for the type of research article you are critiquing (quantitative versus qualitative). Use APA headings for your critique. A quality critique will address each item under the heading and adhere to the writing criteria described in the rubric. Please use complete sentences to explain your responses; not just “no” or “yes” in response to the items/ questions. Attempt to indicate any aspects of the research article that may have been missing and why the items were missing. As usual adhere to APA format, correct grammar, spelling, and scholarly writing. The paper should be a maximum of 10 double-spaced typed pages (this does not include the title page or any references.)


Critiquing A Quantitative Research Article Critique
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ing chemotherapy on acute chemotherapy-induced fatigue and the level of anxiety developing during this process (p.211). In this critique, I have attempted to find out the number of experimental studies specific to complementary treatment approaches to cancer patients, specifically supportive care and therapeutic touch, aiming to control the side effects such as fatigue and anxiety occurring in patients receiving chemotherapy. As a result of this critique, I highly agree with the researchers ad also suggest that back massage administered during chemotherapy is really an effective technique to reduce the state of fatigue and anxiety the cancer patients suffered during chemotherapy. Thus, this critique also recommend that these should be implemented by the nurses working in oncology centers.

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